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Ruwenzori Mountain Children receive Food, Shoes, Soccer Balls, and Drums from Generous Donors

Posted: Mon, November 30, 2015 | By: Past Projects

Generous donors to have provided funds to deliver food (a kilo of rice for each child, plus two eggs + two rolls) plus shoes, soccer balls, and drums to rural children living high in the Ruwenzori Mountains of western Uganda.

School children at St. Michael’s School, Bwethe School, and Kabingo School, were recipients of these gifts.

All three schools are made of mud and branches, and are inaccessible by road. The only path leading there is a long, steep trail, slippery in the rainy season. Kabingo is about 7 miles from Kyarumba, St. Michael’s is 5.25 miles, Bwethe about 3 miles.

The donors were Bob and Cindy Pellissier and Bill Kimmell, Sandra Gallagher, Dave McEndarffer (all friends of Bob Pellissier).

Bob and Cindy Pellissier visited the two schools earlier in November, with four other members of a BBI “missionary expedition” to locate needy Ruwenzori villages.

The trail was so difficult, one member fell, cut his foot, and has been in-and-out of a USA hospital receiving five antibiotics to eliminate the strep and staph infections his foot incurred.

White people have apparently never visited either Kabingo or St. Michael’s; all the children and many adults in the region claimed they had never seen white people before.

Bob Pellissier’s intention is to rebuild the Kabingo and St. Michael schools (in bricks) and to establish health clinics there.

The coordination and delivery of the food, shoes, soccer balls, and drums—was carried out by two Board members of the Brighter Brains Institute. Joseph Kasibirehe purchased the items, which were delivered by Mama Teddy.

Below is the budget for the project (in Uganda Shillings), followed by photos (note sandals in last photo)

Total expenditure on shoes for all children at two schools was Ugx 1,658,900

Total on food items Ugx 910,000

Two soccer balls and pumps for two schools Ugx 124,000

Two drums—Ugx 135,100


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