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Roslyn Mould - President, Humanist Association of Ghana

Posted: Tue, August 23, 2016 | By: Ghana

by Roslyn Mould - President - Humanist Association of Ghana (HAG) & Chair for the African working group (IHEYO)

I have been atheist since 2007 as a de-converted Catholic and a member of the Humanist Association of Ghana (HAG) since 2012 when it first began. As a member of the Association, I volunteered to participate in various activities for the growth of the group such as assisting in the organization of the first ever West African Humanist Conference in 2012 sponsored by IHEYO where I had the pleasure of meeting various Humanists such as Gea Meijers (former President of IHEYO) and Leo Igwe (renowned Nigerian Humanist) as well as other West African Humanists from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

I have worked at scheduling and organizing frequent meetings of the group, liaising with members of the group in Kumasi (the capital of the Ashanti Region in Ghana) and Accra, assisting in the registration and formalization process of the association, writing blogs, representing the group in the local and international mica for interviews, promoting humanism via social media, and being the only member of the association to publish an article in a local newspaper that promotes humanism and critical thinking. I derive my motivation from my personal interest and commitment to the philosophy of humanism and my love for humanity.

As a Ghanaian and an African, I feel obliged to assist in the development of my people and to share my knowledge with the less fortunate. I share in the wrong and pain caused by the negative effects of religion on people and I would do anything in my capacity to bring change in our society. I also share in the aim of the Humanist Association of Ghana to promote humanism, critical thinking, reason and science-based evidence, human rights and group support of our members, coming from one of the most religious countries in the world.

I am a graduate of the University of Ghana with a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Modern Languages, specifically, French and Spanish languages.

Currently, I am an Office Manager/Executive Assistant of a Company in the Petroleum industry in Ghana called GNPC Operating Services Company Limited (GOSCO) and also a Founder/Fashion Model Consultant of a Fashion modeling and Etiquette Academy called TipToe Model Management. I have worked for International Companies in various fields of Telecommunications, Tourism, Fashion, Event-Management, Agriculture and Mining in a similar role. I have good communication, administrative and organizational qualities. I love to travel, read and watch documentaries.

I was elected Secretary for the IHEYO African Working Group (IHEYO AfWG) in 2014 and I worked to support the Chair, Kato Mukasa in implementing tasks for the Working group. I have increased social media presence and now, our Facebook page for the African Working Group, has membership that has increased from 12 to 183 members. I also started a new Twitter page, @IheyoAfwg, with 130 followers including local and international humanists and humanist organisations. I have helped create a network of African humanists and humanist
organisations that are in regular communication via email, Skype and whatsapp.

I have discovered several African humanists and organisations that i am in constant contact with to advise and guide.

In December 2014, I together with the Humanist Association of Ghana, hosted the 2nd West African Humanist Conference (WAHC), sponsored by HIVOS and IHEYO. Please see below for links to the videos of the 2-day event:



I was elected Organising Secretary for HAG in March 2015 and was made Acting President in November 2015. I also founded the HAGtivist podcast project with other members of HAG. I have been a contributor to the IHEYO newsletter Youthspeak personally and from various member organisations in Ghana and Nigeria and I represented the working group at the recently held GA in Malta this year. I was part of the team that helped to organise the first ever continent-wide humanist conference held in Kenya called the Africvan Humanist Youth Days (AHYD 2016) in July 2016

I was elected as President of HAG and Chair of the IHEYO African Working Group in July 2016.

As Chair of the working group, I aim to discover and unite even more humanists across the continent. I intend to make members of the working group active, to create ideas and implement tasks to increase participation in the group as well as provide opportunities for all African humanists to benefit from the social support of the group. I intend to also make good use of the networking opportunities i got from the Malta GA 2016 to expand working relationships with the international humanist community. I have worked well with my colleagues on
the IHEYO EC for the past 2 years and i look forward to the opportunity for more working relationships in the international humanist community. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve my continent and to represent Africa in a positive light of logic, reason and ethical leadership to the world.

Roslyn Mould

President - Humanist Association of Ghana (HAG) & Chair for the African working group (IHEYO)

Humanist Association of Ghana (HAG)


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