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Roofing the New Zelevinsky Classrooms at BiZoHa

Posted: Thu, December 03, 2015 | By: BiZoHa

by Bwambale Robert

Loving Heart, Free mind and Helping hand classrooms are being roofed courtesy of a generous donor who sponsored putting up 3 additional classrooms at BIZOHA Campus. An extra classroom is also being constructed on the extreme end with an inlet to the Hostel area to favor easy movement of the hostel occupants to the classroom area.

The procured shutters for the 3 classrooms are already at the site and will be put soon. All the classes roofed so far have a portion on their roof area a transparent plastic sheet to aid in more light in the classrooms. These sheets also add on the beauty of the classroom as they give it a smarter and stylish look.

Plastering the New Classrooms

Plastering works on the Loving heart, Free mind and Helping hands classroom is in high gear, thereafter I will fix the shutters which are already at the site.

The school opens officially to Muhokya, Kahendero and other children in Kasese in February 2016, it will offer both day and boarding, nursery & primary education. The school is founded on the Foundation of Science, embraces humanist values and ethos, welcomes children from all walks of life, religion and does not discriminate based on gender, sex, religion, tribe etc.

The school has some fraction among its pupils on the Child Sponsorship program mostly orphans, vulnerable and academically sound children from impoverished home steads.

Am sharing a few pictures about the looks of some buildings at BIZOHA.

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