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Roger Hansen has school desks built for Kyarumba children

Posted: Sat, March 05, 2016 | By: Mini-Projects

by Roger Hansen

Hank Pellissier and I traveled to Kyarumba in November 2014. A highlights of the trip was a visit to the KAAYGO woodwork shop, which was working with area youth to help them develop carpentering skill.

At a subsequent visit, the workshop had added power. So we were able to provide the trainees with a power tools: a circular handsaw and a drill.

On a recent visit, we added a router and bits to their tool collection. And we also contributed a battery-powered hand sander.

During that trip, we visited several schools in the mountainous Kyarumba area. One thing the schools needed were 3-person desks and benches. So we decided to have KAAYGO workshop start to construct the needed furniture.

So far 5 have been delivered; 3 to KSA Junior School and 2 to Devine Learning Center. Five are on order and being fabricated.

Below is a letter I received recently from Chrispus, my carpenter friend in Kyarumba. Below that are photos of the power tool and the desks



The carpenters finished all the desks for the school .we thank you for being our donor as well as our good customer. The desks are five in number each cost 60000 shillings only. A receipt is scanned and attached here in.

KSA JUNIOR SCHOOL received 3 pieces while DEVINE LEARNING CENTRE received two pieces.

I gave them out to the schools on your behalf f last Friday; they are very grateful for the donation and now comfortable in class.

Best regards



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