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Robert Magara and other humanists interviewed on Kanungu radio station

Posted: Fri, August 25, 2017 | By: Humanism

Robert Magara, the founder of Kanungu Humanists Association (KHA) and the director of Kanungu Humanist Primary School, was interviewed today by a journalist from Kanungu Broadcasting Services ( KBS Radio) in the main town of Kanungu district.

Also interviewed were Twesigye Donas - the project coordinator for KHA livelihood programs, Twinamasiko Ezra - the accounts and finance administrator, and Kwizera Aggrey- the project coordinator for education programme .

The four humanist were hosted for two hours.

Brighter Brains Institute sponsors Kanugu Humanist School (we have provided money for food, a community garden, and a $2,000 micro loan investment for a Kanunugu women’s association)

The following topics were discussed during the program;

1 - The meaning of humanism in Kanungu,
2 - why Robert Magara started the humanism movement in Kanungu
3 - Humanist objectives, goals and values,

4 - Activities;

a. The school
b. Tomatoes garden
c. Women microfinance
d. Tilapia ponds

5 - Future plans;

a. School clinic
b. Women centre
c. Computer laboratory

Robert Magara saluted the Brighter Brains Institute for the great support it has offered for the success of humanism movement in Kanungu district, the Kanungu Humanists Association’s livelihood programs, health, food for the children and education support for the children.

The goal is to enhance the public understanding and appreciation of secularism as the best strategy for achieving freedom, equality, and escape from religious denominations.

Robert Magara is wearing a bright green shirt
Robert Magara is wearing the bright green shirt


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