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Posted: Thu, July 20, 2017 | By: Past Projects

by Peter Muhindo

The Management of Mitooma women’s dignity foundation (MIWODIF) and Garama Secondary Humanist School is appreciating BBI and the humanist Canada for the projects they have funded.

You have not stopped from only funding us but you have gone further recommending us to other donors for funding.

We also appreciate the team from BBI headed by Karen Zelevinsky (BBI President), Werner Haag (representing Atheist Community of San Jose), Hank Pellissier (BBI founder), Bob Pellissier (a generous contributor), Carol Lloyd (BBI Board member), and Tallulah Pellissier Lloyd and Zenobia Pellissier Lloyd (the daughters of Hank and Carol) who visited our projects and school. The students of Garama were happy and appreciate your visit to the projects you funded and this was giving us more courage as humanist school.


Joycelyn Elders Clinic at Garama Secondary Humanist School has been significantly funded by a donor from Canada, and two donors from San Jose, California. Dozens of smaller donations from contributors world-wide have also enabled the clinic. This is what has been funded Joycelyn Elders Clinic; Medic Salary (for 1 year and 3 months), Clinic Medicine and Supplies (for 1 year and 3 months), HIV Testing Kits, Mosquito Nets (for everyone at the school), Water Tank for clean drinking water, Safe Abortion Classes, Sex Education Classes, Implants (IUD), Fistula Operations for five women, Hepatitis B Treatment, and Prevention Classes, Male Condoms, Female Condoms, Fistula Prevention Classes

Basic Supplies: Malaria testing kits, Albendazole, Metrandazole, Clotrimazole, Cotrimaxazole, cotton wool, dispensable gloves, coartem, vitamin k injection, benzoate cream, cough syrups, ampicilin, Dextrose sugar powder, piriton, Other inject able, first aid plaster, AFRIpads, Paracetamol, Mg Triscilin, Aqua safe tablets 4 boxes, magnesium, surgical and methylated spirit. Hydrogen peroxide, gauze, normal saline, multi vitamin tabs and syrup, gauze packets, Magnesium tabs, zinc tabs, Coartem doses, multivitamins, iodine tincture bottles, stripe bandages, Oral rehydration salts, paracetamol, vitamin k, amphicillin, vitamin C

Bob Pellissier has also funded 30 pigs to be supplied to 30 parents of Garama Secondary Humanist School and MIWODIF. We currently demonstration piggery farm, After 4 months of gestation period the 30 parents are passing on the offspring to next 60 parents and each will give 2 piglets that will be sold to support the school feeding. This has created Bob Pellissier piggery project generation which is one of the successful projects, currently we have 10 piglets offspring’s of the 30 pigs that were donated and one (1) pig is waiting to produce in September 2017.

Garama Secondary Humanist School - assisted by donations from the Brighter Brains Institute (BBI) - provides extensive reproductive health services to students at the school, and to members of Mitooma women’s Dignity Foundation (MIWODIF), BBI and SWiSS (Southeast Wisconsin Secular She-Thinkers) donated AFRIpads to all the female students. AFRIpads are washable, reusable sanitary pads.

Joycelyn Elders Clinic, also provides fistula surgery to local women of MIWODIF who need this operation. Currently 9 women have operated of fistula and living better life.

BBI and Davida, Darren, Brent & Michelle Reitze, and Dan Dawdy are sponsoring 11 orphan girls out 30 orphans at Garama Secondary Humanist School. They pay for their school tuition, uniform, books and supplies and the cost of sponsorship is $227 per year.

We also appreciate the water project and passion fruits projects that were donated by Chai Garcia in remembrance for the mother Ana Sanchez.

BBI also recommended us for funding to the American Embassy and the project is currently supporting 212 orphans in Mitooma with scholastic materials, 200 adolescents’ girls with vocational training and making of reusable pads.

BBI also donated for us digital camera, cell phone, Facebook and website page, all are towards improving the standards of Garama and MIWODIF

We ALSO thank Our BBI donors and friends whose names appear below for generously donating to us and writing good reports about us.


1. Dave and Carol Thompson

2. Bob and Cindy Pellissier

3. Ann Philipp and John Robic

4. Chai Garcia and Ana Sanchez.

5. Lily Rice

6. Southeast Wisconsin Secular She-Thinkers (SWiSS)

7. Davida,

8. Darren,

9. Brent & Michelle Reitze,

10. Dan Dawdy

11. Hank Pellisier

12. Karen Zelevinsky


Orphans sponsored by Davida are requesting for comments from their report they presented to visiting team from BBI headed by Karen Zelevinsky (BBI President) and Hank Pellissier (BBI founder)

The girls and female teachers at Garama Secondary Humanist School and also Mitooma Women’s Dignity Foundation would like to partner with World Girl Dolls and come up with the Dolls project.

Garama Secondary Humanist School request that Muhindo Peter who is X-Seminarian, Feminist holder of Diploma, Bachelors degree and Master in Development studies. Heading the Director of Garama Secondary Humanist School appears on BBI partner protects too.

We also request for observation report from the visiting group of BBI that visited Garama and the funded projects this will give our stand towards implementing projects. We can also share it on our website and Facebook page for our other donors read.


Orphans at Garama secondary Humanist School (9 girls and 20 boys) needs sponsorships.

Teachers salaries at Garama is still a big problem, it is increasing staff turnover and hence affecting the academic standards of the school.

Students at Garama Secondary Humanist Schools and teachers needs training in forgiving and helping the needy, we could request Masereka Sebastian or Ngabirwe Phiona

MIWODIF Women are seeking funds to construct girls and boys hostels at Garama Secondary Humanist School, where by our orphans students move long distances to come to school.

MIWODIF Women are seeking funds to establish orphanage home and school in Mitooma District in Bakinga and Banyankole tribes since the women impresses humanism after women humanism conference that was held in western Uganda changed many women to become humanist.

60 senior one girls are in need of AFRIpads.

4 young women of Mitooma are in need of fistula operation.

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Head of Directors

Garama Secondary Humanist School.


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