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Report on Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage School

Posted: Wed, October 14, 2015 | By: Orphans

by Bwamable Robert Musubaho


Date taken: 13th October 2015


· School is operational and enrollment now at 125 pupils

· Teachers were present at the time of arrival. Have also employed a night watchman.

· School uniform already introduced and about 50% have uniforms and being sewed from the site.

· Expansion is going on and new mats have been purchased.

· Temporary benches are in place.

· A latrine has been built though is not in good condition.

· Staff enrollment is at 6 teachers.


· Posho is almost over and about 20 Kilos is in place.

· There is lack of hand washing facility

· Water purification tabs lacking.

· Lack of adequate text books and some scholastics.


1.Expansion of the school

Increase in environmental programs

13 Community support.

Embrace Global Change


· Professional work going on.

· Children and their guardians being treated

· The facility is kept clean

· Drugs are well controlled


- The lab closes at 2:00 PM daily.

- The Embrace Global Change medic was not present at the time of arrival and he explained that Sunday is a very busy day

Community also wants the lab to benefit them as a whole


I think both the school project and the Clinic project deserve to stay functional In more years ahead.


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