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Report on Gender-Based Violence in Kanungu

Posted: Sat, September 02, 2017 | By: Kanungu (Uganda)

​by Robert Magara

Sometimes when people hear the word ‘gender’ they think it only refers to women issues. Gender refers to roles,responsibilities and behaviours- morals that our community expects of both men and women. It is possible for men to experience GBV. However, most GBV in kanungu is directed at women and girls.

The activity was done in kyondo cell,kashojwa parish in RUGYEYO sub county kanungu district. It was involved by both women and their husbands in a way to track the groups status,the major activities they are being engaged in, and the data about gender; a sample community in Rugyeyo sub county.

The activity was facilitated by the project director Robert Magara, kanungu women’s Empowerment Centre director Obvious Atwongere, Coordinator Donas Twesigye and the RUGYEYO community development officer (CDO).

The meeting was held at a home of Ruthiri Steven, a one victim of this. His wife Dorotiya abandoned him and the children. He is thined by hunger due to lack of what to eat, and poverty. He says,Dorotiya goes out with other men for money for survival….. He, Ruthiri Steven doesn’t even know whether he is safe with the AIDS virus.He fears!!

Kanungu Women's Empowerment Center
Kanungu Women’s Empowerment Center


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