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Report from St. Thomas Nursery School / Biba Kavass Student Clinic

Posted: Tue, March 10, 2015 | By: Past Projects


St. Thomas Anglican Nursery School is located in Kyarumba town, Kaghema Village, Kyarumba sub county, Kasese District. The number of children has increased recently from 104 to 160 pupils.


1. to provide medication to children.
2. To promote child health.
3. To reduce child mortality and morbidity rate ratio.
4. To provide preventive care.


1. Laboratory screening and testing.
2. Giving medication to sick children.
3. Health educating children and mothers/caretaker on good health.
4. Routine Deworming of children.


1. Children lack explanation to the nurse about their illness this may lead to misdiagnosis.
2. Children who get sick over the weekends don’t get treated since working days is Monday to Friday.
3. Parents burden us with explanations because they think they should be treated like their children on the same treatment.
4. We are in a dry season now and there is a lot of dust this explains why respiratory tract infections are common illnesses as per our reports.


From February 20, 2015 to March 3, 2015, there have been 149 pupils with respiratory tract infections, 36 pupils with malaria, 33 children have had gastro-intestinal infections and one pupil with a fungal infection.


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