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Report from Rachel Lyn Edler Clinic in Nyakiyumbu – July 4th, 2016

Posted: Wed, July 06, 2016 | By: Past Projects

Since second term began, we have so far received 131 patients of which the following are diseases we have received.

Malaria – 14 cases
Resprotory truct infections – 55
Diarrhea – 18
Body Ring Warms – 8
Arthrax – 2
Simple fracture – 1

The most disease affecting children are resprotary truct infections with the highest number of children with 55 in number. The next disease is said to be diarrhea with a total number of 18 patients.

Therefore, there is need to have drugs which work on the respiratory truct infections like cough, flu and common colds.

As a request, we wish to inquire from you if its possible buy some mosquito nets and supplied to children especially those who could have lost both their parents because this is seen as a threatening disease as you can see in the table above (we seek your advise). As we also have some children with HIV/AIDS we also need to have some test strips for HIV in order to keep knowing the number of the affected ones and come up with measures to avoid them from affecting others like in cuts (wounds).

Besides the children, we have also got an increasing number of widows though have not been treated, who complain of high blood pressure and so, if we could purchase some pressure machines to detect the disease.

With this sir,

We wish you well as Nyakiyumbu people.

I remain yours faithfully


The clinic attendant/Nurse


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