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Report from Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage Humanist School

Posted: Tue, May 30, 2017 | By: Nyakiyumbu



The entire school community forwards their great thanks to Brighter Brains Institute and its partners through your office sir as far as the input done in education and health/medical support for service delivery in uplifting the widows’ aided school and some new innovational ideas you are putting forward to see that you construct for us a healthy/clean water source and giving us a piggery farm project to help our children and teachers and the entire school.

Also, we appreciate Bob Pellisier for sending us the funds to construct for us the grasshoppers’ trap.

More so, we appreciate you for your idea to see that our teachers get posted on your website to find generous sponsors to assist them in getting salaries through your efforts. This I am very sure will motivate them to double their effort in teaching the children. For sure sir, to some of us who are new in the school, we became excited when we heard of this otherwise depending on the school which is still having so many challenges and when majority of the parents are widows who are also under absolute poverty and some of us are also married people, would be a challenge by teachers to foster teaching in children. I as a new Head Teacher, have now hope that working hand in hand with you, will make me manage the work and my teachers to find progress of the school, and the children to achieve your goal.


Nyakiyumbu Orphanage Primary School pupils’ enrolment is categorically shown here below:-

a) The nursery section

i. Baby class

· Males =06

· Females =04

· Total =10

ii. Middle class

· Males =09

· Females =12

· Total =21

iii. Upper class

· Males =11

· Females =08

· Total =19

b) Primary section

i. Primary one

· Males =16

· Females =19

· Total =35

ii. Primary two

· Males =24

· Females =18

· Total =42

iii. Primary three

· Males =13

· Females =20

· Total =33

iv. Primary four

· Males =17

· Females =14

· Total =31

v. Primary five

· Males =05

· Females =08

· Total =13

Males in Nursery Section are 26 and females are 24 and also in Primary Section, the males are making a number of 75 and females 79. Total enrolment is summarized here below

Males Females Total

101 103 204

Male Teachers 06, Females teachers 03 totaling to 09 teachers than before the school had got stunted growth in its development and human resource unlike today.

Non teaching staff employees at the moment are also three inclusive of 1 school nurse, 1 Security Guard, and 1 staff cook.


1. The two classroom block which has one class room (Piedmont class) complete by the support fromour friends in Piedmont town through your strong organisation Brighter Brains Institute and the other room still at the ring beam level from parents’ effort.


1. Payment of school fees by parents has not been favoring as many parents are soon being regarded as bad debtors and others are still doubtful. This poor payment by parents has made the completion of our one classroom at a stand still.

2. There is also a healthy challenge at the school. This I observed immediately when I reported at the school when I saw the toilet facility not in a good condition. More to
that, the water that pupils use for drinking is also not healthy for them since there is much scarcity of water in the area of location.

3. Parents have not often paid the little fees charged on them to keep the school running making the school to keep in some debts in trying to buy what teachers can use in
classes for the academic of the children like chalks among others. Because of this, many parents are soon being regarded as doubtful debtors and others are already bad debtors. This poor payment by parents has made the completion of our one classroom at a stand still.

4. Our pupils’ not getting lunch, is still a problem that has not yet been solved fully only breakfast being served to the young children in nursery section.

5. We still have a challenge of land expansion for which the school wishes to rectify from the fees paid by parents but are not promising as well.

6. Most of our parents lack finances to buy shoes to their children. Therefore, smartness is still lacking in the school.


1. We request to have drinking containers with tap heads to keep drinking waters for the pupils around the compound.

2. We request through Brighter Brains Institute to have many more friends to help us erect our one incomplete class room completion.

3. For scholastic materials which are lacking in specific subjects particularly in humanist subjects, we need text books to help our teachers prepare their lesson plans when the curriculum for them is introduced.

While counting on your tireless assistance towards Nyakiyumbu, I remain

Yours Approved by



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