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Report from Nyakiyumbu - bricks are made, clinic is operating

Posted: Fri, July 01, 2016 | By: Past Projects

by Maathe Malikisedeki

Attached are the pictures of the treatment going forward at RACHEL LYN EDLER CLINIC. Other photos show the parents participating in the brick making trying to prepare them to put up at least one room that will help to operate as an office and the clinic at the school instead of keeping in a rental room at the trading centre. Those are some of the small heaps already made.

For the boy whose shirt is off with a maroon short trouser, suffers from scabies. Others are suffering from the normal sicknesses. However some child I told you of some time back that he suffers from sickle cells whose photo appears in others with the former clinic attendant, we unfortunately lost his life.

On Saturday next week, parents propose to cut and collect firewood to burn the bricks that have also got ready.

For all the assistance in all aspects for your straggle you forward for us to obtain, we appreciate your efforts sir for sustaining our community.

I wish all of you well there.

I remain yours

Maathe Malikisedeki

(Donations for classroom construction with the bricks viewed below can be made HERE)


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