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Report from Kyarumba Anti-AIDS Youth Group (KAAYGO) to BBI Board Member Roger Hansen

Posted: Fri, August 12, 2016 | By: Mini-Projects

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Date: 01/ 08/2016


Dear friends,


On behalf of the group members and on my own behalf, allow me to present this report to you.


Kyarumba Anti- AIDS Youth Group (KAAYGO) is a Non- Governmental organization which started in 2001. Its main focus is about the youth and the orphans. It is found in Kyarumba Trading Center, Kyarumba Sub-County, Kasese District and country Uganda.

The Sub-County is found on the slopes of Mount Rwenzori commonly known as Mountain of the Moon National Park on the upper part and Queen Elizabeth National Park on the lower part. The snows on Mount Rwenzori have generated four Rivers of Nyamugasana, Dunguluha, Nyamuruseghe and Dubu in the Sub-County which often over flood and destroy lives of people and properties and therefore live behind a big number of disadvantaged people.

In 1996, Kasese district suffered a massive displacement of its population from the mountains caused by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) war. People were made to stay in camps where prostitution and its related activities became the order of the day especially among the youth in a struggle for survival. This increased the spread of HIV/AIDs among the population. Coupled with the above, there was high rate of massacring /killing the innocent civilians by the ADF rebels leaving behind orphans whose future was under the mercy of fate. The rate of school drop-out among the youth was high due to lack of financial support and parental guidance.

Looking at these negative effects particularly in Kyarumba sub-county and how this would too, affect the future development negatively, the founders of the organization combined and came up with a view of uniting to help the youth and orphans in re-organizing their lives, hence, starting KAAYGO.


Having the youth participating in the community development and realizing their potential in fighting poverty, diseases, idleness, and other injustices that befall them.


Empower the vulnerable youth with productive skills for self reliance and increased community skilled labour.



This programme was started for empowering the youth with carpentry and joinery skills to increase their income for self reliance. From 2002, more than 108 youth have benefited from the programme and currently we have 11 youth (4 tailors and 7 carpenters) who are undergoing training for 2015-2016.

Out of the 108, 11 orphans have established their own wood working workshops and others are working in other people’s workshops. Most of these youth are now able to support themselves and their families with food, medical care, shelter, clothing’s and some scholastic requirements.


After finding that only male youth are interested in carpentry, Kyarumba Anti-Aids youth group decided to start tailoring class to cater for female youth. And 52 youth have benefited in this section and currently only 8 youth are operating their own tailoring workshops and others attached to institutions and individuals where they are getting income to sustain themselves. This has reduced early marriages and pregnancy among the female youth. In all these youth establishments, other youth are being trained to reduce the high rates of youth unemployment in Kyarumba and the neighboring community.


After realizing that Community members were not attending and participating in public health services like voluntary counseling and testing [VCT], HCT, Antenatal and family planning, KAAYGO formed a music dance and drama group of 35 members to sensitize the community during these health services exercise. This has increased peoples attendance and positive attitudes towards these services as they get entertained as well as getting the massage. This music dance and drama has performed a significant achievement in matters of HIV/ Aids, maternal health, Antenatal care, safe mother hood and family planning. More than 402 people have been sensitized since January 2016.

Savings and credit scheme

Members are adopting the culture of saving and at least a member is able to save 1000= weekly. This has raised the group savings flow from 150,000= to 2,500,000= on the group savings account with Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Microfinance.

The youth are now able to get loans from the group to start small business enterprises like selling tomatoes, purchasing wood, onions, cooking oil, cassava flour and bananas, and this has increased their incomes hence youth redundancy reduced.

Nursery bed/ environmental conservation

In 2007 KAAYGO carried out a community assessment tour on environment and found that trees that were planted 50 years ago are being cut rapidly for charcoal, timber and firewood without replacement . We found that in 10 years to come, the whole area of Kyarumba and the neighboring sub counties of Kyondo and Mahango will be
without trees and with the related dangers. Indeed the current calamities like floods, lands lidding and low snow cover on our mountains which have made Kyarumba community at risk are said to be a result of the above. We also found that the youth who are being trained in woodwork will lack timbers to use in their woodworking workshops in future.

These challenges opened our minds to begin a tree nursery bed to encourage the youth and community to get involved in tree planting as KAAYGOs alarm against environmental degradation. We planted a forest of about 400 in Kaghema Parish in 2009. We also have about 8,000 eucalyptus seedlings and shade tree seedlings to be planted this rain season.

As a measure on this agenda, we are training community how to make and use ENERGY SAVING COOK STOVES.

Bee Keeping

This is a newly formed project that is aimed at increasing the incomes of the group and giving us an example of working together as the bees do to produce honey.


We have a team of 5 volunteers who are responsible for the day to day group activities.


The current sources of income are:

Fees from trainees.
Subscription fee
Membership fee
Sales from workshop 5%
Interests on loans
Grants from well wishers and friends
Sales from seedlings


We are happy that KAAYGO has established a strong collaboration with other CBOs, NGOs and individuals for capacity building, financial and material support.

The following are to mention:

Brighter Brains Institute [BBI]
Mormons Transhumanist Association [MTA]
Action for community Development Uganda- ACODEV.
Karambi Action for life improvement- KALI
Bukonzo Joint cooperative Union


KAAYGO has recorded a lot of achievements; these are:

Eleven carpentry training centers establishment around and beyond Kyarumba Sub County
The group membership is now 75. 40 females and 35 males.
Some vulnerable youth have been attached to NGOs and institutions for help.
We have three tool kits for carpentry and tailoring classes.
Eight tailoring training centers establishment.
We have supported 2 youth with startup equipments, i.e. Birungi Juliet operating a tailoring workshop in Kyarumba T/C and Mbonde Kule Francis carpentry workshop in Mughete Trading Centre.
The training centre is now used as a community resource and research Centre for school going students.
We have a nursery bed that accommodates 40000 seedlings.
We have one set of props and costumes
Members have adopted a savings culture as part and partial of their daily life.
We have a semi permanent shelter for carpentry.
The Group is registered from Sub County to District local Government.


Kyarumba Anti-Aids youth group regrets for facing a number of challenges that have not allowed performance to the fullest target. And these are:

The available structure (house) and equipments have not been enough to accommodate the increasing services and activities of the group.

Increasing renting charges of the tailoring class which hinders tailoring sessions.

We faced a challenge of transport charges traveling long distances during Community Sensitization through music Dance and Drama out reaches, this has hindered us reaching many places that need our services.

Start up tools to give the youth who finish their skills at KAAYGO.


Kyarumba Anti-Aids youth group congratulates its members, community leaders, NGOS, CBOs and individuals both National and International who have aided us financially, materially, mentally and technically to perform to this level. More especially we appreciate the generously donating a variety of electric tools like -2 Drills and bits, Circular saw, Sander, Router, Electric plane, NONE ELECTRIC TOOL; Smoothing plane ,Hand saw , 2 bar clamps ,spoke shave ,2 F.clamps . You have not only donated to the carpenters but also to community schools like KSA and DIVINE with 2 swings and so many class stuff. These donations are working towards empowering our young generation for a meaning full future.


We request you to continue to partner with and link us more to other youth friendly supporters/donors to aid us where possible in our various programmes

Future plans

1. We hope to establish wood working power machinery station.
2. We plan to support the youth with start up equipments.
3. Construction of classes and administration block is also in plan
4. We plan to expand our workshop into a vocational training centre that can enroll at least 30-40 students per an arm.
5. We plan to make a film of our Music dance and drama performance to widespread our massage to even distant community of Uganda and beyond.

I thank you very much for visiting us with your family members. We wish you a happy stay in Kyarumba and a safe journey back.


……………………… ………………………………….


Co- Founder Chairperson



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