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Another Report from Kanyenze Humanists on what they learned from the Critical Thinking Workshop

Posted: Fri, February 16, 2018 | By: Past Projects


The workshop started at 10:30am and ended in the evening at 5:15pm. It was facilliated by Loice Ngunguro (director of Kanyenze Women’s Group) and the Headteacher Mr. Julius.

33 participants were trained inclding primay six and seven pupils. During the training, the pupils mentioned that it was part of their social studies and science subjects.

All the minds of the participants were centered on superstition as it was affecting their livelihoods indirectly and directly.These issues were mentioned ;

Definition of superstition as the act of worshipping false gods or false religions.

In the Bakonzo tradition and culture, we realised that several belifs exist but they deserve to be doubted, for example:

1) Child sacrifise for wealth: this has existed for long and nobody has ever gained wealth from it. We are making losses of our children like what happened at our school last year (when an orphan was killed and his genitals removed). This is due to worshipping false gods in the culture.

2) Seasonal rituals for rain and high food production; this is always done by the elders in the Bakonzo culture called ridge leaders who collect animals, chicken and raw foods fron the community saying they need to perform a ritual of offering to their god of everything called Nyabingyi and it often does not give positive results.

3) Mentioning of male names with whom a woman had sex if you are about to give birth but the birth has been has delayed; this causes community conflict because any man mentioned is fined.

4) Prayer worriers tell people that they can heal the sick when the sick person goes to them for survival, they tell this sick person that they have seen some thing at his /her home which need to be removed and then they ask for a fee to be facillitated to go and remove it - this practice is false but is only for them to gain wealth.

5) Many security issues are referred to witch doctors but this does not work

6) There are people the community pays a “rain formation fee” to for their crops to receive rain and to grow well - but this is also false and does not work.

Finally, together with the participants we resolved to do sensitisation in our community so that everyone understands:

  1. Wealth is only got through hardwork from good employment or business or agriculture
  2. Modern methods of agriculture will lead to higher production and trree planting will also lead to receiving rains on time and in heavy quantities as required.
  3. All pregnant mothers be referred to hospitals to get delivery services which are truly scientific.
  4. All sick patients should be taken to medical centres to recover from their sicknesses.
  5. Security is done by armed forces like police and the army - not witchcraft.
  6. Only conserving the environmenmt by protecting water sources, planting trees, mulching and other agronomic practices will give enough rains to farmers and where there are no rains, farmers who stay near rivers can practice irrigation farming.

Conclusively it was found that everything on earth here is out of science - it can yield benefit to people. It is a task for all educationists to encourage all students to study science for the future betterment of this world.

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