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Report from Jane Shrimpton Clinic in Kahendero - July 24, 2016

Posted: Tue, July 26, 2016 | By: Kahendero

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Some good developments going on at Jane Shrimpton Clinic located at Bizoha Humanist School - Kahendero.

Each day we get an average of 6 patients, the clinic is open to pupils at the Bizoha School who get free treatment and locals who pay for their medical services.

The Clinic treats common ailments, STD/STI, provides free condoms to adult locals and sensitize them to abstain, be faithful,Condom use if one cant afford the above.

The clinic is relatively well stocked but we still lack more drugs to curb serious ailments, we currently serve out patients but there is a demand for inpatient services, our medic is a very experienced and trained midwifery expert and have deep experiences in attending to antenatal and safe deliveries, there is a demand for some beds to serve those who might be put on drips. Our medic is working on this by serving locals in their homes instead which is not good so we need to put two beds and re equip the clinic to serve the growing number.

We are also planning to have medical lectures to teach people about personal hygiene,Tooth problems & solutions, STD/STI, HIV, SEX Education and are devising ways to attend and offer advice to fistula victims. We have very few fistula surgeons in Kasese but our commitment is to liaise with them to save the fistula victims. Our other commitment is to work with stake holders and help in any way sex workers, there exists child sex workers, we need to be in school and get an education or do some constructive income generating activity…... this calls for setting projects to favor them get out of that risky venture.

I today visited the clinic, found there a patient, i also took a blood pressure check on my health. Thanks to Science, my blood pressure lies in the normal range.

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With Science, we can progress.


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