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Report from Eric Oliver Clinic #2 -  St. Luke’s Nursery

Posted: Sat, March 07, 2015 | By: Past Projects

by Jenipher Biira

St. Luke’s Nursery school is located in Buthale I village Kalonge parish Kyarumba Subcounty Kasese district in Uganda.

The number of pupils at St. Luke’s has increased from 86 -130 in the year 2015. The school is located in the mountainous areas and the poor means of transport is difficult.

The hygiene is poor since their parents cannot afford to buy shoes to their pupils. Hence affecting their health.


Health education
Reducing infant mortality rate
All sick pupils must get treatment


Monday - Thursday: Treatment
Friday: Health Education


Traveling long distance.
Rainy season.
The number of pupils has increased so the medicine will not be enough

Jenipher Biira
Jenipher Biira


Week of February 2-6

Nine sick children, five girls and four boys. Two had malaria, seven had respiratory tract infections.

February 7-13

Ten sick children, four girls and 6 boys. Two had malaria, eight had respiratory tract infections.

February 14-19

Ten sick children, eight girls and two boys. Three had malaria, and seven had respiratory tract infections.

February 20-24

Ten children were sick, six girls and four boys. Four had malaria, eight had Respiratory Tract Infection, and one child had Peptic ulcer disease.

February 25-28

Nine children were sick, six girls and three boys. One had malaria, six had Respiratory tract infection, one child had tonsillitis and one had skin allergy.

March 1-12

Twenty-three children were sick, ten girls and thirteen boys. Four children malaria, sixteen had Respiratory tract infection and six cases of malaria.

Note to Eric Oliver:

The management and staff of St. Luke Nursary School appreciate the work you have done in helping them in treating their pupils. The community of Kakunyu village where the school is located also do appreciate since you have helped to reduce the expenditures they would meet to treat their children.


Different cases are mostly received on different days showing an improvement on treatment has been achieved.


Some of the Laboratory equipments were not in place in time therefore microscopic examinations have not been effective in February, It has started in March 2015.



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