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Report #1 from Embrace Global Change Clinic / Nyakiyumbu Widow Orphanage School

Posted: Thu, April 23, 2015 | By: Nyakiyumbu

by Masika Perezi




The entire community of Nyakiyumbu Widows Association with great pleasure thanks Biba Kavass and the Brighter Brains Institute for the support that has been given to us. Below is a breakdown of what was delivered to us since the clinic and The term started.

Nyakiyumbu Orphans
Nyakiyumbu Orphans
  1. Medic person funds was worth Ugx 200,000/=
  2. Medicine supplies worth 125$ delivered to us by Bwambale Robert
  3. Second hand clothes worth 100$ delivered and distributed by Bwambale Robert
  4. Brand new Microscope was bought worth 300$
  5. Computer set with Flat screen, CPU and its accessories was delivered by Bwambale Robert.
  6. Staff token awards amounting to Ugx 200,000/= delivered by Bwambale Robert
  7. Embrace Global Change sign post was delivered
  8. Pupils meals has so far been 254$ an equivalent of Ugx 711200/= including the marginal cost added in addition to the 100$ dollars that were left to us on pupils meals
  9. Renovation of the school structure costed us 395$
  10. The seats for the pupils to use has been worth 23$
  11. Two adapters to use in the medic laboratory and the office also costed us 10$
  12. Partitioning of the association’s office to have a provision of the laboratory costed us Ugx 588000/= which was 210$
  13. Furniture in the clinic was worth Ugx 350000/= which makes 125$
  14. Tipy tap in the clinic costed Ugx 47600/= that was worth 17 $
  15. Basins costed 3$
  16. Table carpet costed 3$
  17. Jeri cans also costed 5$

Achievements of the Association

  1. Temporary structure with three class rooms
  2. Mutual cooperation. The Nyakiyumbu Widows Association members have come together in the construction, finance and material support towards the development of the school.
  3. Academic. We are trying our best to improve the academic standards of our school particularly in areas of staff efficiency. Although the performance level is still low, there is improvement as compared to some academic terms back.
  4. Pupils and teachers meals. This has been an achievement to the school for her pupils to have meals as breakfast and lunch within the school. The $100 donation from Mr Hank Pellissier was a great relief as it catered for our start up food purchases which benefitted the staff and children at the school.
  5. Medication. The Nyakiyumbu Widows’ Association has achieved much from the Embrace Global Change Clinic for treatment of the various sicknesses that have attacked them which is obtained by its members and the orphans at the school since. The health needs of the orphans and the widows have been well attended to.
  6. Job creation. Due to the association’s good relationship with the Brighter Brains Institute and Kasese Humanist Primary School, some community members have benefited from the school as in terms of employment. The beneficiaries are the teachers though were employed but have had hope for persistent employment, security guards, and the people selling some small food staffs to children at school are also employed indirectly by the school.
  7. Four of our children were awarded scholarships courtesy of Bob Pellissier who sponsored them to study at Kasese Humanist Primary School. The School Director at Kasese Humanist Primary School also offered more 5 places of children from Nyakyiyumbu making a total of 9 students currently studying at KHPS. This is a great relief to our association and the families involved.

Challenges Encountered in Running Our Organization

Staffing; the staffs we have are less motivated in terms of welfare and staff salaries, this is so because we have few things that may generate income to run the orphanage, somehow some where we do ask for small support from widows and widowers families to inject in something to give to the teaching staff but sometimes we fail. Land: As NWA, we lack enough land to facilitate the study service of our school. Though we are grateful for the small land (from the well-wisher) currently we are operating in for some time, but still, it’s also not enough to accommodate the number of class rooms we propose to put at the moment.

Inadequate furniture at the school: It’s to our challenge that the school still lacks desks for children to sit on while studies go on. Most often, many of the children at the school sit on bricks and stones when acquiring studies.

Inadequate teaching tools: We lack enough teaching materials such as text books, meter rulers, square rulers, playing materials for the orphans etc.

Meals: since the school started to give meals to the pupils at school, we have faced a challenge of financing this activity. We are however planning to do joint gardening to ensure we plant food to feed the orphans when they are at school.

School Uniform: Due to high poverty levels, some parents have not been able to purchase uniform and shoes for their children to them smart. But we have a hope that change in this may be realized by next term.

Insecurity: The school and the association last month faced a problem of theft from the unknown people who tried to take away some of our property. But means was devised and two security personnel were recruited to purposely cater for that.

Limited finance support from parents: Usually parents are with several obligations to school. They complain of poverty at household levels. This causes a slow rate at which the school will develop.

State of the school facilities: This especially concerns the class rooms which require better construction to reduce learner drop out at all class levels on grounds of the uncomfortable study environment.

School Enrollment:

Since this term begun, the school enrolment has been 155 pupils of whom the females are 75 and boys are 80. This is categorized according to classes and enrolment per each class is given in the table below;

Nursery 32 24 56
P.1 13 14 27
P.2 25 10 35
P.3 10 27 37
GRAND TOTAL 80 75 155

According to the previous enrolment figures of 187 pupils we had last year, the number of children has reduced 155 pupils due to some challenges above.

The teaching staff:

The school has a staff of six teachers of whom the three are males and other 3 are females.

Support staff (non teaching):

The school has got four (4) non teaching staff members, three (3) of the being males and one (1) being a female. These are categorized as follows;

  • One (1) healthy worker
  • Two (2) security guards
  • One (1) cook

Special thanks

I wish on behalf of the association to thank in a special way the following;

Bwambale Robert, the Director of Kasese Humanist Primary School and the colleagues who put much effort to put this widows association at heart and being committed to making sure that the association is in touch with the Brighter Brains Institute.

The Brighter Brains Institute members especially Biba Kavass and Hank Pellissier for the support that they have offered to Nyakiyumbu Widows’ Association which intends to sustain the association and its projects and indeed this has uplifted the profile of the association. Thank you very much for putting Nyakiyumbu Widows’ Association at your hearts.

The old man Mr. Baluku Charles who still offers his small plot of land for the school to set up its temporary structures for its operation.

I therefore call upon for more friends and to devote their time and other resources to the Association and its projects. This will help to mitigate the above challenges.

I am well aware that there are quite many other challenges but with our combined efforts, we shall always do our best to improve the situation of our Association and the projects.

Our Requests:

Lastly, I thank all the teaching and non teaching staff at the school, Our Lab technician at the Embrace Global Change Clinic and the general public of Nyakiyumbu plus our international supporters for working and sharing information with us.

  • As a developing organization, Nyakiyumbu Widows Association and The Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage School, we request the Brighter Brains Institute to look out for us suitable volunteers who are committed to work with our group and school so that we serve better.
  • The Medical supplies we currently have in the clinic is almost running out and possibly Ms. Biba should consider sending us more drugs to push us for more months.

I remain yours,

Masika Perezi

The Chair Person, Nyakiyumbu Widows’ Association


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