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Reddit buys AFRIpads for Ugandan Humanist Schoolgirls

Posted: Tue, April 19, 2016 | By: Buhanga (Uganda)

“Reddit R. Atheism” has helped girls in Uganda stay in school, by purchasing recyclable sanitary pads for them.

Sanitary pads are frequently too expensive for rural Africans to purchase - girls often miss school for this reason, and frequently drop out entirely.

AFRIpads are an Uganda-produced reusable sanitary pad that lasts up to one year. Reddit R. Atheism’s donation purchased several AFRIpads kits, that were distributed to girls aged 12+ at four new humanist schools in Kyarumba, western Uganda.

The four schools are: Mother Givers Humanist School, Rays of Light Orphanage Humanist School, Vision Care Humanist School, and Mughete Junior Humanist School.

Thank you Reddit R. Atheism for this wonderful gift!

Reddit R. Atheism has been a wonderful contributor to the humanist schools in Uganda that Brighter Brains Institute (BBI), aka, has set up.

Previous donations from Reddit R. Atheism purchased a “Rainwater Harvester” for the water-starved village of Buhanga, where Mother Givers Humanist School is located. Reddit R. Atheism has also purchased books for the humanist schools, sponsored children, and purchased $100 of rice for Rays of Light Orphanage Humanist School.


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