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Rays of Light, Vision Care, and Mughete are “on probation” as BBI-funded humanist schools

Posted: Fri, November 25, 2016 | By: Humanism

Brighter Brains Institute is currently evaluating its relationships with the 8 new “converted” humanist schools.

One of the schools - Kasanga-Kaghema Orphanage School - has been removed as a school that BBI will fund, because of its actions that indicate a lack of commitment to humanism. That decision is explained HERE.

Three other schools—all located in Kyarumba—are placed on a probationary status. This means they won’t receive further BBI funding until certain requirements are met. The three schools are all seemingly committed to humanism, but they have not completed large projects that BBI provided them funding for.

The three schools are:

Mughete Junior School received $1,000 in funding to construct a Dr. Steven David Pell Classroom, in May 2016. To date they have not completed the classroom. Although they said they could construct and finish an entire classroom with the funds they received, the present classroom has no doors, windows, and flooring. BBI is not going to provide them with any more funding for any future projects or needs until they complete the classroom. (exception: BBI might continue to fund our clinic there)

Vision Care School received $400 to complete “Sophia’s Classroom.” Unfortunately, due to miscommunication, the $400 only put a roof on a brick structure. Like Mughete’s classroom, this classroom presently lacks windows, doors, and flooring. Vision Care says they need $681 more to do this. BBI is not going to provide them with this, because BBI repeatedly asked if the classroom would be “completed” with the $400, and was assured that it would. BBI is also not going to provide Vision Care with any more funding for items like orphan sponsorship, or teacher salaries, until the classroom is complete. (exception: BBI will probably continue to fund the clinic there, and possibly even provide funding for a startup business, and food).

Rays of Light Orphanage School has received $1,000 for a classroom, and $3,000 for a Maize Grinder. BBI is not going to present them with any more funding until the Maize Grinder is operating, and the classroom is built. BBI has also had difficulty with Rays of Light due to reports that the children are physically hurt by teachers (caned, and rocks thrown at them to make them behave). There is also troubling miscommunication about the clinic funding: Rays of Light says they need more clinic money, but our BBI Board member in Kyarumba, Joseph Kasibirehe, says they do not. (exceptions: BBI might possibly continue funding the clinic, but possibly not, if these problems are not resolved)

Brighter Brains Institute is sorry to install this probationary status, but it is important to us that our generous contributors see their projects finished, when they donate money. The schools we fund need to have three qualities:

  • They need to demonstrate an interest in humanism
  • They need to provide children with a safe and instructive environment
  • They need to use the funds we provide them with responsibly.

There are four new “converted to humanism” schools that remain in very good standing with BBI.

They are Mother Givers School, gram Secondary School, Kanyenze Primary School, and Nyakiyumbu Widows Orpahanage School.


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