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Rays of Light Orphanage School - appreciation letter to Eric Oliver for Clinic

Posted: Mon, January 26, 2015 | By: Rays of Light Orphanage School

Rays of Light Orphanage Nursery and Primary School is located in Kayembe Village, Kihungu Parish, Kyarumba Sub County Kasese District, in Uganda.
Address: P.O. Box 556, Kasese
Tele: +256774121544, +2567882211950

The school started in 2003 with the following aims and objectives:

* To help orphans who need assistance
* To enlighten the path of learners for a bright future
* To end illiteracy among Ugandan orphans
* To help other disadvantaged children in the community
* To ensure the government policy that all children should be in school
* To lobby for support of orphans
* To create employment for people in the school community
* To introduce to the orphan students health habits and responsible citizenry

School Enrollment

The school has 140 pupils, 65 males and 75 females.


The school has achieved the following:

* Permanent land on which it is located
* Semi-permanent structures
* A co-operative community
* Medical and lunch donation
* Pupils are participating in games and sports with other schools in the sub county


The following are still challenges in our operation:

* Lack of permanent classrooms
* Lack of well-ventilated toilets
* Lack of a good water source
* Lack of enough learning equipment
* Teachers are not well-facilitated
* Pupils lack sports uniforms

We thank Eric Oliver who has donated to us the “Eric Oliver Clinic” where are children will be getting medical services. We also thank Eric Oliver for providing lunch food to our children.


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