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Mughete Junior School receives funding to build “Dr. Steven David Pell Classroom”

Posted: Tue, May 10, 2016 | By: Past Projects

Mughete Junior School in Kyarumba, Uganda, has received funding to build a brick building.

The school is extremely crowded, like most Uganda schools are. The new classroom will help reduce this problem, plus it will have superior construction. The current classrooms are composed of warped boards nailed on posts.

The $1,100 donation was made by Aaron Silver-Pell, a recent volunteer at Brighter Brains Institute (BBI). Aaron is currently editing and designing a collect of African humanist essays by Leo Igwe, that BBI will publish. Aaron is also considering going to Uganda, to work at one of BBI’s sponsored schools.

The new classroom will be called “Dr. Steven David Pell Classroom” - in memory of Aaron’s father, who recently passed away. I made a larger donation.

Construction will start soon, and progress will be recorded on this channel, with numerous photographs.

Aaron informs us that:

“My dad was a chemist so a science classroom or a lab would be very appropriate. On the other hand health is probably the most important thing on the planet so that would be really important, you can’t learn if you are sick… Also, I’ve noticed that there is no library yet. Any of these sorts of buildings would be an appropriate memorial for my dad. As long as it’s something useful and pro-social I think I’ll be happy.”

BBI will pass this information on, to Mughete Junior Humanist School. We are certain that the new building will be wisely used by the 215 students there.

Mughete Junior School is approximately 20% orphans. The beautiful location overlooks a lovely valley, on the road leading into Kyarumba. The school is adjacent to coffee groves. BBI officers visit the school annually.

BBI has previously supplied Mughete Junior School with a clinic, and books that will arrive later this month.

Photos below are of the school.


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