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Rays of Light Orphanage School—Maize Grinding Project—FUNDED

Posted: Thu, September 22, 2016 | By: Past Projects



maize and dry cassava grinding machine

Total project cost: $ 3,527

Community contribution: $ 527

Amount requested: $ 3,000

Applying organization: Rays of light Humanist school


Rays of light is a school which started as a nursery class by four boys now men who were left as orphans by their father. Therefore they had a heart of assisting the young orphans and needy children in the area of Kyarumba and Kasese in particular.

Project out put (expected)

Feeding children on good meals that will prevent food deficiency diseases.

Employment of the machine operator.

Outcome (expected)

Good feeding of the children which will lead to health of the children.

Project Supervisor

The project will be run by Baluku James who will be earning money for the children food and will be supervised by the school management committee.


The business will be evaluated depending on how the runner handles the business, rate at which the customers come.


The management will make sure that all finance has bought food for the children.

Monitoring team

Management committee

Sustainability plan

A savings account will be opened in Bukonzo Joint Co-operative Saving and Credit Association.·

Both parents and management will continue maintain the project after the donor has pulled out.


The price of the equipments quoted in the business budget will remain stable until we buy/purchase them.


We hope that if we get this business, there will be progress and high nutrition in children.

We also hope that if we get this business, there will be less risks of food deficiency diseases among children

We hope that if we get this business, the cost of transporting the maize for pupils lunch to other grinding machines will be low.

Also the expenses for grinding maize and cassava flour for the children will no longer be encored.

THIS PROJECT WAS 100% FUNDED BY BOB AND CINDY PELLISSIER budget details available - contact


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