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Pumpkin Project Proposal from Buhanga Women (Mother Givers Humanist School)

Posted: Fri, October 14, 2016 | By: Mother Givers Humanist School



Located in Buhanga
Village,Kaghema Parish Kyarumba Subcounty, Kasese districtin -western Uganda

Project Title: Pumpkin farming project under 3 acres

Amount requested from : Uganda Shillings 9,749,000 / $ 3,000

Bank Account:

Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group
A/c No:1520 415648
Centenary Bank, Kasese Branch
Contact Person: Kabugho Victorina –Chair person
P.o. Box 517, Kasese Uganda


Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group is a community Based membership organisation Registration NO:CBO/325’C operating in Kasese District Western Uganda promoting sustainable development at the grass root level.

Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group started in 2009 with the mission of empowering Group members and community members to get
involved in social development activities for a poverty free and healthy community.

It is a community Group with 38 members. We have registered our group with Kasese district Development Network as a Community Based Organization (CBO).

Objectives of the group: -

To improve the economic status of the community members through involvement in savings and credit and life skills development.

-To promote sustainable agriculture through improved methods of farming, apiculture and animal husbandry for sustainable development.

-To promote health and sanitation and environment protection in the community

-To promote children education and Functional Adult Literacy.


Problem statement

Most households rarely put attention to growing crops like pumpkins; it is normally left to grow by chance on its own. This means that people in our community don’t know the economic and nutritious value of pumpkins yet pumpkins grow well in our community.

In our community, there is malnutrition mostly observed from children and pregnant women. Many School going children in our community only
receive one meal per day (dinner). They go to school without breakfast, they don’t get any lunch, and by the afternoon they are too hungry to learn. Many wander out of school back to the village, looking for food.

Aims of the project.

To improve the living conditions of the group members by creating a new and reliable income generating activity.

To improve nutrition among the group members and that of the community who are indirect beneficiaries.

Target Group

This project targets 38 women who form Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group. They are trying to assist themselves through savings and credit scheme.

Their participation in initiating, executing of the project

Women of Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group have decided this project together, they have experience of their area and have realized that pumpkin farming can do well in their community. All the members of the group will participate in doing work in the project especially tilling the land and planting pumpkins including weeding.. This will be possible after training.

Sustainability of the project

After selling of pumpkins, the funds shall be brought to the treasurer and then help boost the savings and credit scheme of the group members
and some funds shall be used to purchase more pumpkin seeds and given to the members to plant in their individual gardens and save some money to buy our own land.

Proposed activities

The proposed activities of the project will involve

-Training in pumpkin farming for 2 days

-Purchase of seeds

-Making seed bed

-Tilling the land

-planting of pumpkins

-project monitoring and evaluation

Available resources

We shall hire three acres of land where to plant pumpkins-there is cheap land for hire

The land is fertile and we have got reliable rain fall.

Local contribution

- The group members will till the land

- The group members will plant pumpkins

- Group members will look after the farm, market pumpkins and keep necessary records.

Health benefits of pumpkins: some of the benefits of pumpkins are

Pumpkin has rich source of vitamin A and potassium

Pumpkin has rich source of antioxidant properties

Pumpkin may boost eye vision

Pumpkin may aid in sleep better

Pumpkin lower blood pressure

For people in Uganda, pumpkins have many culinary purposes. Some of the most popular uses for pumpkins include steaming the baby
leaves of pumpkins plants for a tasty side dish, making sauce or soup out of the fruit’s flesh, using the fruit to make juice or wine, roasting and
seasoning the seeds (which are extremely nutritious, by the way!) to eat, or processing the pumpkin flesh to make flour that can then be used for
cakes, pastries and more.

Budget of the project—TOTAL COST $3,000

Budget breakdown available upon request, email


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