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Projects by Ghana Humanists

Posted: Tue, August 23, 2016 | By: Ghana

by Roslyn Mould

1. We are organizing a book donation to a local state-funded school which has no proper library to speak of. Last saturday, some of us visited our annual book fair which is an annual public event to use the opportunity to buy children’s educational and story books and also to form working relationships with publishing and Book seller Companies which was successful. We found out that we could purchase books for as low as US $1 and we are looking to buy 100 books to be donated to this school and start this tradition for many schools to come in the future. We are accepting donations from local and international individuals and organisations by sending in new or old books or in cash to be purchased here.

2. For over a year, HAG has been supporting an American group called the Humanist Service Corps who have been working in conjunction with a local Women’s rights group called Songtaba in the Northern region of Ghana to assist victims of witchcraft accusations. These victims, mostly women,have been banished from their villages and townships due to these accusations and forced to live in a ‘witch’ camp. the HSC is helping to better their livelihoods, help in reintegration processes with the victims’ families, provide medical assistance and so much more. The HSC is looking for international Volunteers as well as cash donations to further their work.

3. Since last year, HAG started the first ever humanist oriented freethinking podcast. It features current news affairs in Ghana, the rest of Africa, the World and STEM. HAG aims at being able to purchase airtime on local radio stations to have the podcast featured in order to reach the Ghanaian public who cannot afford internet access and to be able to promote critical thinking through its other programs that discuss life as a ghanaian humanist, humanist perspectives on social issues, logical fallacies, etc.

4. HAG is supporting another Ghanaian humanist group based in the Ashanti region of Ghana and affiliated to our group which is based in the Capital, Accra to raise funds in renting a place for a start for what would be the first ever humanist school in Ghana and would be based in the Ashanti Regional capital , Kumasi. US$750 is needed to help make this dream come true and anyone can be a part of it. Interested persons can contact me for more information on how to support the Commonsense Ghana group and to meet with their Director.

5. The LGBT situation in Ghana has been another serious situation given that the LGBT community is under a lot of discrimination and the laws are being used to prosecute and abuse them. HAG has been working closely with 2 main LGBT groups in educating them and raising funds to help support the victims of abuse and to work together in educating the public on Equality and human rights. Any support from the international community in terms of materials, cash donations, clothes, social support and any other form of kindness would be really appreciated. I would also help to give information on their situation and to connect interested donors with these groups directly.

6. We are working with another International group in starting Critical-thinking presentations in schools and with that, HAG aims to start Freethought clubs. Any advice and support is welcome.

7. We are very much in need of Humanist Materials and Books on Humanism, Science and Non-religion for members as well as paraphernalia. All donations are welcome.

Thank you very much for this opportunity.


Roslyn Mould

President - Humanist Association of Ghana (HAG) & Chair for the African working group (IHEYO)

Humanist Association of Ghana (HAG)


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