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Project Resume - from Act for the Poor Women’s Association

Posted: Fri, May 25, 2018 | By: Past Projects


Act for the Poor Association (APA) has and carrying out one business of coffee thrashing amongst our women. The objective of this business is to produce quality coffee in order to fetch better prices.

This business is carried out on an individual member basis. Members join coffee business but get training from Act for the poor association-APA.

In the course of carrying this business, we had challenges with the Adventist church that campaigned the cutting down of coffee farms because they argued that they manufacture gun bullets from it. So they said coffee kills.

meeting of Act for the Poor Women's Association
meeting of Act for the Poor Women’s Association

This project has been successful due to the following reasons,

  1. Team work while addressing a common problem and achieving a common goal.
  2. Producing quality product for the market and availability of the market
  3. Training for the members on how to produce high quality coffee
  4. Hard work and commitment by members has also led to their success
  5. Trading in a product that they have already planted

We fought hard to de campaign the gospel and most people heard our gospel than them. Those who had not cut down theirs remained with it and others started planting coffee.

Some of our members have small business of selling cassava flours and operating small shops. These shops target the local markets and they are helping them raise fees for their children.

At that level it is where we are at Act for the Poor Association APA

Thank You

Moreen Mbabazi



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