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Progress on the Peanut Farm - from Nyakiyumbu Widows Association

Posted: Tue, March 27, 2018 | By: Uganda

by Muhindo Nyesi

The planting has started today. The women decided to be going in shifts to plant because of their other domestic tasks. Because the bush in this land had grown faster in the very few days finished, the first shift has been for the few children who went with their mothers to plant. These children have participated in planting the ground nuts. As their parents could plant, they could assist them in first slashing the bush as they could ease the work for the women to hurry it.

When Perezi reached Lhubiriha market, she found the price of the Ground nuts had increased to shs.6,000 per kilogram from the shs.4,500. She did not collect the receipts from the people who sold her the items she had gone to buy.

Most people in open market do not make the provision of the receipts and buying from the stores seeds for planting, there is high probability of such seeds not germinating because the store owners buy from famers as early as the harvesting period begins and these people often hit them in sucks when they are
removing the hasks and therefore end up destroying/damaging their radicles in side them. So many people prefer to buy from trusted people when they are sure that their seeds will germinate. Items Perezi went to buy took in total of shs 250,000 which included the seeds and NPK 17 Fertilizer.

We did not buy the Gloves because we were misled in their price, we knew a pair was costing shs.2,500 but on going to buy we found the ones that are soft cost shs.8,500 and the ones which are hard cost shs.10,000 and we decided to leave because we had budget for shs 2,500 per pair. Also we left spray pumps because the remaining balance could not afford even one.

The balance that was left behind with us catered for the transport costs, meals for women who went to plough and plant.




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