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Progress on Anti-Witchcraft Campaign - October 19, 2016

Posted: Wed, October 19, 2016 | By: Kasese (Uganda)

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

A mention of the Anti Witchcraft Campaign courtesy of Kasese Humanist Primary School gets featured on Messiah Radio, a Kasese Based radio station——To run for one month. Say no to witchcraft, say no to Superstition. Humanity, Science & Reason rocks!

Five days gone since we embarked on the 3 months Anti Witchcraft & Anti Superstition campaign.

The management of Kasese Humanist Primary School sponsored the Variety show for a duration of One Month on Radio Messiah, a local FM. A mention of Kasese Humanist and what we exactly do plus our current project of anti witchcraft and anti superstition is featured on the advert.

Anti witchcraft practices like ritual murders, child sacrifice, child molestation and application of unjustified, unproven medicines by quack doctors, witch hunts and witchcraft accusations plus the hate and killing of albinos for body parts is part of the project we are working on.

All we are much concerned with is to highlight to the masses the value of science, reason and evidence based learning to be a model in unleashing the misconceptions where most of our people have been victims of circumstance.

At KHPS, We encourage and enlighten locals to refrain from witchcraft and superstitious practices.

NO TO SUPERSTITION is among the humanist principles for a Global Rational World.

Attached is the receipt i was given upon placing the Sponsorship which will expire on 20th November this year plus the Humanist values poster which features on our school walls.

With Science, we can progress.


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