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Profile: Masereka Sebastian - Secretary of the Buhanga Thuligahuma Women’s Collective

Posted: Fri, November 25, 2016 | By: Mother Givers Humanist School

​Masereka Sebastian is the Secretary of the Buhanga Thuligahuma Women’s Collective, that directs Mother Givers School.

For many months, Brighter Brains Institute thought all of our email correspondence with Buhanga was with Kabugho Victorina, the chairperson of the Buhanga Thuligahuma Women’s Collective. All the letters were signed with her name.

We were quite surprised when we found out that that our contact with the Buhanga was not Victorina, it wasn’t even a woman. The person writing all those emails was Masereka Sebastian, who is the Secretary of the women’s collective.

This oddity of having a man represent a women’s collective wasn’t entirely new to us. Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage Collective also has a male secretary - Maathe.

Brighter Brains Institute decided that we needed to get to know Masereka Sebastian better, since he has very ably represented the school that has received probably more BBI support than any other school in 2016.

Below is our brief interview with him:

Brighter Brains Institute: How did you first get acquainted with Humanism, and what attracted you to it?

I first got acquainted with Humanism in 2015 when I read on the website of Brighter Brains Institute. I saw that Humanists are good people who would like other people to live good and happily instead of depending on superstition that diminish the development process. I read about the summary of all principles and saw that they are all meant to make this world a good place to live in. Happy to mention that NO WAR among others, then who can dought humanists.

BBI: What is your relationship to Buhanga ? Do you have relatives there? Are you related to Victorina? Did you grow up there? Do your parents live there? Are you an orphan?

Buhanga is a next village to mine, it is our hill of pleasure and scenery of Kyarumba trading center. People hear know me very well from childhood, when people are climbing to Buhanga we always give them water to drink and then they climb when they are not thirsty. My father used to work in Buhanga in early 1990’s as a timber dealer, he used to employ a number of Buhanga men and women especially to carry timber down to Kyarumba.

Yes I have relatives there, two of our families live here/ clan families and Victorina is my sister in law.

I did not grow in Buhanga but I used to go there occasionally.

My parents did not live in Buhanga and am an orphan, My Daddy died in 2006, my Mum is alive.

BBI: What is your educational background? What is your present job situation? Do you live part-time in places other than Buhanga?

Studied in Kaghema Primary School, went to Kisinga School for Adult Education, Garama Secondory School,Mutanywana Secondory School Where I did my O’ level and A’ level at Bwera Secondary School. Then went to attain a diploma in Development Studies at Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development- Mpigi District in Uganda.

I currently Work with Buhanga Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group and Agency for Rural Development and Community Education (ARUDECE) Based in Kasese Municipality-Peace building project.

I live partly in Kasese Municipalty and in Kyarumba where my family is based.

Am aged 36, married with one wife and three children

Masereka Sebastian


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