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Pre-owned “American Girls Dolls” are re-sold on eBay to Support Girls Education in Uganda

Posted: Wed, June 03, 2015 | By: Women’s Equality

An innovative project that recycles the popular American Girl Dolls is raising funds to help Uganda girls stay in school.

“World Girl Dolls” is capitalizing on the immense popularity and resale value of American Girl Dolls. The project, organized by Zenobia Pellissier Lloyd, works like this:

Biira Patricia - baby class
Biira Patricia - baby class

1) An American Girl Doll is donated - usually by a teenage girl or any girl who has “outgrown” her passion for the AMGs. Many USA girls, especially in wealthier neighborhoods (like Piedmont, California, where Zenobia lives) have 4, 5, or even 8 of the dolls, which cost $115 new.

2) Zenobia sells the “pre-owned” American Girl Dolls on eBay, to the highest bidder. She usually fetches about $45 - $60 per doll, but one model, Kanani (American Girl 2011 Doll of the Year) is a hard-to-find, discontinued model, that garnered $125 on eBay.

3) The eBay funds are send to Vision Care School in Kyarumba, Uganda. Vision Care is a non-denominational school in an impoverished rural area near the Ruwenzori Mountains, where girls often drop out of school to work on the family farm or in the coffee fields. Many children are also orphans; Uganda has one of the highest orphan rates in the world due to HIV/AIDS

4) The funds are used to pay the tuition of girls who are at risk of dropping out. $85 pays tuition for an entire year. The girl who donates the doll is sent a Thank You photograph, of the girl who she helped remain in school.

One well-donor is Vivienne Harr, the “Lemonade Girl” of Fairfax, California, who has raised over $100,000 to end child slavery. Vivienne donated her “Kaya” (Native American) doll.

The photos below are of girls who have received funding from World Girl Dolls.

If you’d like to help girls stay in school by donating an American Girl Doll, or two or three or ten, email for details.

Unasi Doreen - class 1
Unasi Doreen - class 1
Masika Doreen - class 2
Masika Doreen - class 2


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