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Powdered 100% Food Goes to Uganda - Fed to Orphans and Street Children

Posted: Thu, February 19, 2015 | By: Past Projects

In January 2015, the 100% Food product was taken to rural western Uganda. Two kilos of the tasty powdered “replacement meal” food was given to orphanages in the towns of Kyarumba and Nyakiyumbu, and a prepared bottle was distributed to street kids in Kyarumba.

Both towns are in the Rwenzori region, near the Congo border.

The 100% Food product was previously shipped, twice, in two 40 pound boxes to a Mangyan tribal village on the island of Mindoro, in The Philippines. Photos of the distribution to the malnourished tribal children there can viewed here.

100% Food - also known as “Space Nutrient” with the slogan “Eat Like An Astronaut” - is a “DIY Soylent” product that is headquartered in the San Francisco South Bay.

A youtube video here explains the benefits. Nutritional information and ingredients are posted here.

In Uganda, the 100% Food was initially tested on street children in Kyarumba, to make sure that the taste was acceptable to African palates.

Hank Pellissier of the Brighter Brains Institute, who distributed the powdered food, was told that most children in the impoverished community had never tasted chocolate. The 100% Food product that he was distributing was chocolate-flavored.

Luckily, the street kids were extremely happy with the new flavor.

After that success, Hank gave 1 kilo of the 100% Food product to the Rays of Light Orphanage in Kyarumba, and another kilo to the children of Nyakiyumbu Widow Orphanage School, about forty kilometers away. The orphans in Nyakiyumbu often drank the 100% Food in bowls, like soup.

It is very expensive to ship the 100% food product to Uganda, so future deliveries will all have to be in person. Hank goes to Uganda annually, and he will take a larger amount next time.

Teachers at Nyakiyumbu Orphanage preparing 100% Food
Teachers at Nyakiyumbu Orphanage preparing 100% Food

The happy acceptance of 100% food in Uganda and The Philippines indicates that this easily-preserved product - which offers all the nutrients the human body needs - can be used effectively to combat starvation and malnourishment in desperate areas that lack proper food supplies.

100% Food and Brighter Brains Institute will continue to provide the product to nutritionally-disadvantaged communities throughout the world.

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Nyakiyumbu orphan girls drinking 100% Food
Nyakiyumbu orphan girls drinking 100% Food


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