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Planting Season at BiZoHa

Posted: Wed, April 20, 2016 | By: BiZoHa Orphanage Humanist School

by Bwambale Robert

Its planting season again in this part of the world. At both the Bizoha and Rukoki Campus, both the teachers and the school management engages itself in active farming in an effort to ensure the school has enough food security at the same time the school management efforts towards ensuring our teachers welfare improves.

Since the school acquired the tractor, all the school lands plus our farmland in the lower irrigated zone of Muhokya has been worked on and we are optimistic that in the next few months we shall be having enough food to favor all our children take meals at the school, this will in one way bring our meals charged at the school to lower such that we feed some good number at the school.

On a similar development, am working on a horticultural garden at the Rukoki Campus which is substituting the botanical gardens which failed to pick up as the original area in Kibenge along Kilembe Road was water logged and instead I planted eucalyptus trees which are steadily growing.

This horticultural farm will still have the tag of a Botanical Garden on it as am totally in love with plants, am keeping an eye on my footsteps, hope this dream becomes a reality this time.

This land is just located on the backward part of the KHPS Nursery Classroom block and the Vocational Skills workshop and stretches up to the Nyamwamba River. This land has been lying idle for some years now. As per KHPS initiatives we do have a future plan to put some building units for camping, socializing and outdoor learning for our pupils, students on tour of the Rwenzori region or other people who just want to live in a forest away from the crowds of Kasese Town.

Attached are some of the images of the thriving crops on our campuses plus some pictures of the horticultural garden in the making.

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