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Piggery Project for Garama Humanist Secondary School

Posted: Mon, July 18, 2016 | By: Past Projects

by Nadeya Stella

Total Requested: $2,850

To establish a piggery that produces enough profit to feed lunch to the 308 students at Garama Humanist Secondary School, in Kisinga.

Objectives of the project:

To improve student quality of life.

To support their education by improving their learning at school.

To train students in piggery rearing - feeding, vaccination, construction of piggery houses.


The project will purchase 30 pigs which will be supplied to 30 women parents of Garama Secondary Humanist School. After 4 months the 30 women will pass on the offspring - since a pig can produce from 8 to 12 piglets on average this means out of 30 pigs supplied they will produce at 240-360 piglets in 4 months. Every four months each woman parent will give the Garama Secondary Humanist School 2 piglets - 60 piglets total - to support student lunch food at school.

Each woman-parent will keep the remainder of the piglets (4-8 ) to support the family with household income. The pigs will be passed around to all parents in the school until everyone has gained equally.

The piggery will be managed by the students who will give them water and left over food from the school. The students and women/parents will be trained in detecting illness in pigs with assistance from the county veterinary officer.


$1,380 - 30 piglets at $46 each.

$270 - Training and transportation

$600 - Feeding

$600 - Vaccinations

Total Requested: $2,850

Land for the piggery will be donated. Participating parents and students will be paid in piglet offspring.

The original 30 pigs will reproduce and there will be 270 pigs by the second year, if each sow has 8 piglets. By the third year there will be over 1,000 pigs.


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