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Piggery Project at Garama Secondary Humanist School funded by Bob and Cindy Pellissier

Posted: Wed, September 21, 2016 | By: Past Projects

Garama Secondary Humanist School had an entrepreneurial “Piggery Project” it needed funding for - an innovative idea that provided two piglets to every family with children in attendance at the school.

The project proposal was email-submitted to Brighter Brains Institute (BBI) by Nakeya Stella, a director of MIWODIF (Mitooma Women’s Dignity Foundation) - the organization that runs Garama Secondary Humanist School.

Bob Pellissier
Bob Pellissier

The proposal was read by Bob & Cindy Pellissier. Bob is the CEO of RKI Instruments in Union City, California, and Board Member of the Brighter Brains Institute. (He’s Vice President of Economic Development). Cindy Pellissier is an RN for Cardiac Rehabilitation at Good Samaritan Hospital. Both Bob and Cindy visited Uganda in November 2015.

They read the proposals over. Bob had a few questions. Nadeya Stella answered the questions very well.

Bob and Cindy both liked the proposal and they have agreed to fund it to the amount of $2,850.

Cindy Pellissier
Cindy Pellissier

Funds generated by the Piggery Project will be used to provide a lunch program to the 326 children enrolled at Garama Secondary Humanist School.

Bob and Cindy’s funding money will be wired to MIWODIF’s bank account on Monday, September 26.


Bob Pellissier has funded eight BBI’s clinics and numerous entrepreneurial projects in western Uganda. Cindy has generously provided funds for education, food, and other services that assist Ugandan children.


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