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Piedmont High School artists send Portrait Paintings to Orphans in Uganda, plus Money

Posted: Wed, February 14, 2018 | By: Uganda

​Piedmont High School art students painted portraits of orphans living in Buhanga, Uganda—and had them delivered directly.

The process went like this:

Brighter Brains Institute (BBI) - which is located in Piedmont - offers orphan sponsorships on its webpage https://www.brighterbrains.biz/orphans/. Photos are posted of the orphans that need tuition sponsorship at the local primary school (Mother Givers Humanist School, supported by BBI)

Piedmont High art students, enrolled in a class taught by Gillian Bailey, painted portraits of the orphans, and donated $5-$20 per person to BBI, to deliver to the Ugandan children.

Gillian mailed the paintings to Roger Hansen, in Utah - he is on the Board of Directors of BBI and he travels to Uganda regularly.

Roger delivered the paintings to Masereka Sebastian, the Secretary of the Buhanga-Thuligahuma Women’s Collective, the community group that directs activities at Mother Givers School. Masereka Sebastian lives in Kyarumba, a trading center at the base of the Ruwenzori Mountains.

Masereka Sebastian took the paintings to the village of Buhanga, via a steep dirt road that can only be navigated on foot or by motorcycle.

He hand-delivered the photos to `14 orphans at the school, and he took photographs of them holding their portraits. Three of the orphans were absent from school that day.

He also delivered the funds - $5-$20 - to each orphan.

BBI thanks everyone involved in this wonderful project and we hope it can continue each year!


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