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Piedmont Classroom has been constructed for Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage Humanist School

Posted: Sun, March 12, 2017 | By: Uganda

by Maathe Melchesedek

Thanks very much to ohe team of friends from Piedmont for all this effort to put up for us on ground a classroom During construction of this classroom, there were a quite number of challenges which led to its delay. Among others some of them


During the laying process of the construction, it started raining. This could limit builders to go on with the work.

Builders could not turn up some other days. We realised that they had many jobs of the construction when we had even paid them some good money for the work they can do for us.

Water was also a challenge since it’s obtained from far and this sometimes could limit construct because it could get finished quickly before more is availed to the builders. for this, builders could do either a small work or could fail totally.

The death of people rated either to staffs of the school or to the builders themselves. this was not frequent but it was occasioned three times one of which could be the day when we had would begin the clustering work. culturally these relatives could be allowed to go and pay their last respect to their late beloved relatives.

Despite these challenges, a lot of appreciation goes to you our donors for this tremendous change in the area and also the staffs in the school and some of the women who voluntarily in some days could work with the builders at no pay only that they could be motivated. These people made the work cost effective. Otherwise without their energy support the expenditures would be so high depending even on the nature of the area especially the water crisis. The classroom was cemented and painted. The attached are images of the piedmont classroom.


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