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Philippine Typhoon Wipes out Mangyan School - disaster relief funds needed

Posted: Wed, December 23, 2015 | By: Philippines

San Lorenzo Ruiz School on Mindoro Island in The Philippines is a long-time project of the Brighter Brains Institute. The school is composed of 400 school children from the Mangyan tribe, indigenous group on the archipelago. Brighter Brains Institute and its members have been helping the Managuans for ten years, purchasing land for them, sponsoring students, sending school supplies, and recently - delivering “powdered food.”

The Mangyan area was recently struck by Typhoon “Nora.” The winds and rain wiped out the food supply of the Mangyans — bananas, squash, upo, string beans and okra were totally washed out. The Manyans are back to zero.

The storm destroyed 20,000 homes in The Philippines, and left 1.7 million people homeless. At least 41 people were killed an damage to agriculture is estimated at 100 million.

info here:

The Mangyans now desperately need rice, nipa, and nails to rebuild the roofs of their buildings. If you wish to contribute, click on the Donate button on’s Home page.

ALSO—volunteers are most welcome, doctors, agriculturist and nurses if possible.

below is a letter from the director of the Mangyan School, followed by photos

Dear Brighter Brains Institute -

Most of us will be having Christmas in evacuation centers in the different parts of Oriental Mindoro. The typhoon made landfall over the province at around 10 a.m. on Tuesday, December 15. Since then, the power and communication lines have gone down. Strong winds totally carried the roof of our house as well as our kitchen and other parts of the house.

Our 4 hectares rice field was under terrible muds and all the rats in the field ate it. Nothing left to us. The irrigation system our only hope for water distribution in the rice field was heavily damaged, too. According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), the estimated cost of damage to infrastructure and agriculture in Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon, Palawan (MIMAROPA Region IV-B) which include us and Eastern Visayas (Region VIII) alone due to Typhoon Nona already amounts to P159,506,070.20.

Power interruption is also being experienced in major areas of the province as the provincial government said it may take time before the power supply can be fully restored. In our barangay, totally the whole barangay and other neighboring barangays have no current until this time that I am sending this report.

According to Kap Pinoy Oscado, our ex-barangay Captain in Banilad, and from a distance a landslide can be seen at Mt. Halcon, and one barangay seemed to have been wiped out. Mud, soil, and boulders from the mountain tumbled down Brgy. Bayanan through the two rivers encircling it. The church and the barangay hall in the lowlands in the municipality of Baco, were half-buried in a pile of stones. Some houses only had roofs peeking out from boulders. The municipality of Baco as well as the municipalities of Naujan, Pinamalayan, Victoria and Socorro experienced the worst damage from the typhoon.

Please see the widespread devastation wrought by Typhoon Nona on the way to Banilad and in San Ignacio Banilad, Dulangan 3 Baco, San Lorenzo Ruiz Adopted barangay. As you look at the picture, only “gabi” plants survived as well as mahogany, gmelina, dao and acacia. The other big trees like lanzones, rambutan, uloy and our banana plantations and vegetables such as okra, string beans, squash, upo, ampalaya were totally washed out.

The province of Oriental Mindoro is now under a state of calamity. In-kind support would be helpful but our people most especially our Mangyans and indigent Tagalogs, is deeply in need of financial assistance for the reconstruction of the house and some livelihood. Please send to;

Account Name: San Lorenzo Ruiz Formation Center Inc.

Account No: 002101217850

Bank: United Coconut Planters Bank Calapan City Branch

Swift Code: UCPBPHMM

Very sincerely yours,

Sally Melendres


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