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Petition to Help Typhoon Victims on the island of Mindoro, The Philippines

Posted: Mon, December 23, 2013 | By: Philippines

by Rosalina Melendres-Valenton

Oriental Mindoro was one of the provinces in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines, hit by Super typhoon Yolanda under storm signal number 3 last November 8. The Super Typhoon’s powerful winds uprooted trees and destroyed banana plants and other vegetable plants of the Alangan Mangyans in San Ignacio Banilad, wherein, our school: the San Lorenzo Ruiz Learning Center Baco, a school exclusively built for the “Alangan Mangyan” children was located. The school is offering free formal education to the Mangyan children from Kindergarten to Grade Six.

The super typhoon was followed by a scarcity of food in Banilad. And, this affected much our school’s operation. Boiled banana is our school children’s food for lunch before Super typhoon hit our place. Out of this necessity, the project OPERATION TANIM PROGRAM packaged with FOOD FOR WORK was courageously organized by the undersigned. This was packaged with FOOD FOR WORK because, if we get the “Mangyans’ time , we have deprive them of the chance to earn something for their food for that particular day.

Theirs is a hand -to - mouth existence. With the program we will not just be giving them something to eat for a day but we will teach them to become productive all their lives. And, our school children are assured of food few months from now. This is the schools Anti- Hunger and Anti - Poverty Campaign with Sitio San Ignacio Banilad, Dulangan III Baco as the pilot area. This program started in Banilad last December 15, 2013 and this will be until March 15, 2014, to be assured of excellent results.

The Primary Objectives of SLR-SCHOOLS Operation Tanim Program are as follows;

1. To end - up hunger particularly among the Alangan Mangyan children and school children of San Lorenzo Ruiz Learning Center, Baco.

2. Improve maternal health and combat all kinds of hunger related disease.

3. Promote environmental and economic stability and good agricultural production.

4. Create a CASH ECONOMY in San Ignacio Banilad, Dulangan III Baco.

5. That the “Mangyans” villagers in San Ignacio Banilad live with dignity and pride and enjoy a happy decent life.

Relative to this, donations of food particularly rice, planting materials including seeds and fruit bearing plants and trees and other related basic needs can be sent at San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy of Calapan City, 226 Ubas St., Lalud, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines Contact Numbers: (043) 286-7184 Mobile: 09205073378 while Cash Donation can be sent to:

Account Name: San Lorenzo Ruiz Formation Center Inc.

Account Number: 002101217850

Bank: United Coconut Planters Bank, Calapan City Branch

All donations in cash or in kind will be properly acknowledged and accounted for. Below were some photos of the program taken on its first planting activity last December 15. The next Operation Tanim will be on January 4 & 5, 2014. The continuity of the program depends on your generous support.

Please share our problem to those who in one way or another can help us.



Very truly yours,

Rosalina Melendres-Valenton

President & School Principal of San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy & San Lorenzo Ruiz Learning Center, Baco


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