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Pellissier Student Health Center Report for Term One (Mid March 2017)

Posted: Sun, April 02, 2017 | By: Kasese (Uganda)

On behalf of the Pellisier Student Health Center, I extend my sincere thanks to Bob Pellissier for continuing to support this clinic. Below I inform you about what the laboratory has been doing in the last One & a half months.

The school will close for term one on 6th May this year.

Laboratory activities at PSL:

1. Laboratory screening and testing of sick pupils by use of our microscope plus use of strips

2. Medication access to the sick pupils at the schools. We managed to share the drugs at our disposal in this lab with our sister school at BIZOHA in Muhokya.

3. De-worming exercise to all children and staffs at the Rukoki school was made in Mid Feb

4. Sensitization on hygiene both at the school campus and in people’s homes..

The school medic has been actively busy in attending to the medical needs and attention at the two campuses, children were taught about personal hygiene, water safety methods, water purification, proper nutrition and water purification techniques.

De-worming: Exercise was carried out at the Rukoki campus where close to 120 pupils were de wormed. The teachers too got dewormed.This exercise is mandatory to all our pupils and workers so that they are free from intestinal parasites which retard mental capability and growth related defects to the population.

Children identified with fungal infection were advised issued with Clotrimazole ointment cream. Children with scabies were advised to use Benzoate cream which is in stock at the PSL.

Cases of Malaria was prevalent in the course of this term and children were advised to ensure bushes around their homes are cut, empty tins or stagnant waters around homes cleared plus sleeping under treated mosquito nets emphasized.

One of our microscopes was extensively used in identifying disease causing agents which was supplemented with usage of rapid testing.

Summary of cases handled in the respective months.

cases seen:

Malaria 22, Respiratory Tract Infections 8, Ring Worms 15, isrrhea 3, Stomach Ulcers 4, Fire Burns 1, Eye Cases 7

Drugs purchased:

Malaria testing kits,Albendazole, Metrandazole, Clotrimazole creams, Cotrimaxazole, cotton wool, dispensable gloves, coartem, vitamin k injection, benzoate cream, cough syrups, ampicilin, Dextrose sugar powder, piriton, Other inject able, first aid plaster, Sanitary pads, Paracetamol, Mg Triscilin, Aqua safe tablets 4 boxes, magnesium, surgical and methylated spirit.

Hydrogen peroxide, gauze, normal saline,multi vitamin tabs and syrup.

Drugs still in stock till end of Term One:

cotton wool 3 roll, first aid plaster 45 pcs, 3 bottles, genta eye 6, dispensable gloves 50 pairs, gauze 10 packets, Magnesium tabs 300, zinc 30 tabs, plaster 3 roll, coartem(1x24)30 doses, coartem(1x12) 20 doses, mebendazole 306 tabs penv 50 tabs, multivitamin 120 tabs, iodine tincture 2 bottles, stripe bandage 4 rolls, , Clotrimazole 15 tubes, Oral rehydration salts 30 Sackets, paracetamol 200 tabs, vitamin k injection 9 boxes, amphicillin 180 tabs, vitamin c 521 tabs, envelopes 50pcs, Anti malaria testing strips 20 pieces.

Funds reserved for Term 2 & Term 3 = 400$

On behalf of the Pellisier Science Laboratory, I thank BOB PELLISSIER for continuing to supporting this laboratory and availing to me a monthly pay. I do thank the School Director, Mr Bwambale Robert for being cooperative and helpful in availing funds for procuring the drugs.

I also thank the international community who continue to value initiatives by Kasese Humanist Primary school. Not all schools here have services at the disposal of pupils like KHPS has done. This is a great step towards caring for the younger ones in our efforts to create a
healthy generation.

Yours in service,

Rujumba Maate Lamech

KHPS – Pellissier Student
Health Center technician

Endorsed by: Bwambale Robert Musubaho (School Director – Kasese Humanist Primary School)


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