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Pellissier Science Laboratory Report for Term: June – August 8, 2015

Posted: Thu, August 13, 2015 | By: Past Projects

On behalf of the Pellissier Science Laboratory, I extend my sincere thanks to Bob Pellissier for supporting this laboratory up to this very moment. Below I inform you about what the laboratory has been doing in the last three months.

Laboratory activities:

1. Lab screening and testing

2. Giving out medication to the sick children & school staff

3. Mandatory de-worming exercise to all children and staffs.

4. Sensitization on personal hygiene and proper feeding habits.

The Management and staff of Kasese Humanist Primary School together with the parents extend their thanks towards the services offered by the Pellissier Science Laboratory at our school.

Drill lessons were offered by the school medic at all the two campuses about personal hygiene, water safety and purification techniques, contagious diseases transmission and control focusing on hepatitis B, Marburg virus, Ebola and cholera.


Exercise carried out at the two campuses on 10th July 2015.

The exercise was carried out with performing various physical examinations on the skin and also assessing Anemia levels.

The following numbers of children were dewormed per class at the Railway campus

Class Total - Pupils DeWormed

Upper Nursery - 30

Middle Nursery - 21

BabyNursery - 43

P. 1 - 25

P. 2 - 27

P. 3 - 17

P.4 - 26

P. 5 - 25

P. 6 - 24

P. 7 - 23

Students Absent - 18

TOTAL Students - 279

Deworming Exercise at the Rukoki campus:

Activity was carried out with the School Administration with assistance of Madam Jackline. The following numbers of children were dewormed per class at the Rukoki campus

Class Total - Pupils DeWormed

Upper Nursery - 15

Middle Nursery - 31

BabyClass - 36

P. 1 - 26

P. 2 - 21

P. 3 - 13

P.4 - 12

P. 5 - 08

P. 6 - 07

P. 7 - 04

Students Absent - 13

TOTAL Students - 186

Children that were absent were later dewormed in subsequent days after the exercise. A total of 465 pupils plus a staff of 30 people benefited.

Children identified with fungal infection were advised issued with Clotrimazole ointment cream. Children with scabies were advised to use Benzoate cream which is in stock at the PSL.

Cases of Malaria was prevalent in the course of this term and children were advised to ensure bushes around their homes are cut, empty tins or stagnant waters around homes cleared plus sleeping under treated mosquito nets emphasized.

Rapid malaria testing strips were used in identifying malaria cases.

Summary of cases handled in the respective months.

Total Cases Seen Month Diseases Noticed

45 May/June - Malaria, Respiratory Tract Infection, Scabies, Ring Worms, Diarrhea, Nose Bleeding, Eye Eight Problems

23 July - Malaria, Respiratory Tract Infections, Scabies, Ring Worms, Diarrhea

16 August - Malaria, Repiratory Tract Infections, Scabies, Ring Worms, Diarrhea

84 cases were handled in the 3 months period

Drugs purchased:

Malaria testing kits,Albendazole, Metrandazole, Clotrimazole, Cotrimaxazole, cotton wool, dispensable gloves, coartem, vitamin k injection, cough syrups, ampicilin, Dextrose sugar powder, piriton, Other injectables, Digital thermometer, first aid plaster, Sanitary pads, Paracetamol, Mg Triscilin, magnesium, Hydrogen peroxide, gauze, normal saline, multi vitamin tabs and syrup.

Fund allocation was as below:

Amount received for second and third quarter $1030

Funds dedicated to purchasing the drugs $730

Funds dedicated to pay the PSL Medic for 2 quarters $260

Miscellaneous funds were $40

Receipts of expenditures are filed in the PSL file.

Drugs remaining in stock:

cotton wool 1/2 roll, first aid plaster 95 pcs, dextrose 50% 2 bottles, normal saline 4 bottles, dextrose 5% 3 bottles, genta eye 10, dispensable gloves 60 pairs, gauze 10 packets, basicody 100 tabs, zinc 80 tabs, plaster 1 roll, coartem(1x24)12 doses, coartem(1x12) 30 doses, mebendazole 500 tabs penv 160 tabs, multivitamin 60 tabs, hydrogen peroxide 2 bottles, iodine tincture 2 bottles,100 tabs, diazepam 100 tabs, stripe bandage 2 rolls, magnesium 410 tabs, Clotrimazole 16 tubes, diazepam injection 11 ampoules, Oral rehydration salts 10 Sackets, paracetamol 350 tabs, vitamin k injection 12 boxes, ampicilin 90 tabs, vitamin c 521 tabs, envelopes 9 pcs, , piriton 350 tabs , Anti malaria testing strips 160 pieces.

The laboratory reopens on 7th September when the school will be reopening for Term Three.

On behalf of the Pellissier Science Laboratory, I thank you for supporting this laboratory and availing to me a monthly salary.

Yours in service,

Rujumba Maate Lamech

KHPS – PSL Lab technician

Witnessed by: Bwambale Robert Musubaho (School Director – Kasese Humanist Primary School)


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