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Pellissier Science Laboratory De-Worms 420 Ugandan Children

Posted: Mon, February 23, 2015 | By: Past Projects

by Bwambale M. Robert

Yesterday - 19th February 2015 - we held a massive deworming exercise where close to 420 pupils at Kasese Humanist Primary School were beneficiaries of anti-parasitical drugs, courtesy of the Pellissier Science Laboratory, funded by Bob Pellissier.

The School lab technician had a busy day assisted by the Senior women at the two campuses who helped out in the distribution exercise that saw all the children de-wormed.

Intestinal worms are a menace to human life as they feed on human blood, eat on the food of the victim, and retard growth and intelligence in human beings.

KHPS teacher handing out de-worming pills
KHPS teacher handing out de-worming pills

The Lab technician - as he was distributing the drugs - educated the children on worms and how dangerous they are to humanity. Children were quizzed about the types of worms that pose a hazard to us. The worm types below were studied:

Tape worms
Round worms
Ring worms
Pin worms
Hook worms

The entire school staff was also de-wormed.

Bob Pellissier is a charitable man who supported the Pellissier Science Laboratory with a $1,500 donation to ensure there is constant availability of drugs to the children. Bob is the CEO of RKI Instruments in Union City, in Northern California.

Jeffrey Pellissier, Bob’s cousin, is also a kind man who donated $500 to the Pellissier Science Laboratory. Jeffrey is the manager at Farmers Insurance Company in West Hollywood, in Southern California, where he lives.

The majority of the curable diseases presently managed by the Pellissier Science Laboratory are skin diseases, headaches, stomach pains and accidents.

A big thank you to Bob and Jeffrey for being great supporters and friends of the school.

Eric Pellissier - Bob’s son - is also a fantastic supporter of Kasese Humanist Primary School. Eric is helping us tap the talents of students here in music, arts, crafts, poems and creative writing. Eric has donated a Key board, Drum sets and powerful music speakers. He is also conducting a GoFundMe campaign to raise additional funds to enhance creative expression.

Hank Pellissier - a brother of Bob Pellissier - is also a contributor. Hank sponsors a KHPS student, he initiated our Kikoy Clothes for Orphans campaign, and he raised $5,810 in funds for our orphanage.

The Pellissier Science Laboratory will conduct the next deworming exercise early next term in May.

The children were told about the importance of science in battling out to major challenges affecting humanity.

With Science, we can progress! Attached are some images of the just concluded activity of de-worming. Thanks.


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