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Pellissier Science Laboratory 3rd Quarter Report (September – December 4, 2015)

Posted: Wed, December 23, 2015 | By: Past Projects

by Rujumba Maate Lamech

On behalf of the Pellisier Science Laboratory, I extend my sincere thanks to Bob Pellissier for supporting this laboratory at Kasese Humanist Primary School. Below I inform you about what has been transpiring at the lab.

Pellissier Science Laboratory activities:

* Lab screening and testing of sick children plus their teachers.

* Medicine prescriptions to the sick pupils at the KHPS schools.

* Mandatory De-worming exercise to all children and staffs of KHPS.

* Sensitization on personal hygiene and proper feeding habits to the pupils.

Diseases attended to:

I have managed to identify the following conditions/diseases affecting the pupils of this school and our laboratory has tried its best to attend to almost all ailments. Among the cases registered were: Respiratory tract infections, Ring worms, Scabies, Ulcers and heart burns, Diarrhea and abdominal disorders, Malaria and urinary tract infections and minor accidents at the school. The whole thing is summarized below:

Respiratory Tract Infections — 50 cases (10 cases 1-5 years old, 34 cases 6-12 years old, 6 cases adult)

Ring Worm — 19 cases (2 cases 1-5 years old, 11 cases 6-12 years old, 6 cases adult)

Ulcers & Heart Burns — 16 cases (9 cases 6-12 years old, 7 cases adult)

Diarrhea & Abdominal Discomforts — 15 cases (14 cases 1-5 years old, 1 case 6-12 years old)

Malaria — 37 cases (28 cases 1-5 years old, 6 cases 6-12 years old, 3 cases adults)

Urinary Tract Infections — 4 cases (all adults)

Other — 6 cases (all adults)

Total Number of Diseases in the last 3 months — 147

Mandatory De-Worming Exercise — 499

I have been actively busy in ensuring that at the two campuses, children are taught about practical approaches in regard to drug use in combating illness, taught the children about proper usage and administration of drugs, enlightening the pupils and the teachers about drug abuse and the dangers encountered if one abuses drugs. My work has not been only in the lab but also in the classroom.

The pupils at both campuses were taught on personal hygiene and water safety.

Other topics taught to the pupils concerned sexual education where I taught the learners about reproductive health and sex education highlighting on the changes in body growth for teenage boys and girls where I taught them on how to focus on education first, avoid indulgence in premarital sex or any form of sex at this stage, avoiding bad peer groups, self control and esteem and a mention about HIV/AIDS and Sexually transmitted infections.

There was mandatory De-worming: Exercise was carried out at the two campuses on 10th September 2015. The exercise was carried out with performing various physical examinations on the skin and also assessing Anemia levels.

De-wormed per class at the KHPS Railway campus

A total of 275 pupils and 14 members of the teaching staff at KHPS Railway School were de-wormed

De-worming Exercise at the Rukoki campus:

A total of 186 pupils and 12 members of the teaching staff at the school were de-wormed.

De worming exercise at the BIZOHA Campus:

A total of 12 orphans currently sheltered at the Bizoha Campus were also de-wormed.

In total the de-worming exercise at KHPS served 473 pupils and 26 teachers’ altogether.

Children identified with fungal infection were advised issued with Clotrimazole ointment cream. Children with scabies were advised to use Benzoate cream which is in stock at the PSL.

Cases of Malaria was prevalent in the course of third term and children were advised to ensure bushes around their homesteads are cut, empty tins or stagnant waters around homes cleared, plus sleeping under treated mosquito nets emphasized.

Rapid malaria testing strips were used in identifying malaria cases and our microscope was being used to handle blood and fecal matter examinations.

There was a water treatment mechanism as we realized that KHPS has water taps but still that water still has traces of germs, there is regular usage of Aqua Safe tablets were provided for in-house water treatment.

Fund allocation was as below:

Amount received for second and third quarter $1030

Funds dedicated to purchasing the drugs $730

Funds dedicated to pay the PSL Medic for 2 quarters $260 to finish up the year.

Receipts of expenditures are filed in the PSL file.

Funds currently in use after 22nd December 2015- Nil

Drugs purchased:

Malaria testing kits,Albendazole, Metrandazole, Clotrimazole, Cotrimaxazole, cotton wool, dispensable gloves, coartem, vitamin k injection, cough syrups, ampicilin, Dextrose sugar powder, piriton, Other injectables, Digital thermometer, first aid plaster, Sanitary pads, Paracetamol, Mg Triscilin, magnesium,

Hydrogen peroxide, gauze, normal saline, multi vitamin tabs and syrup.

Drugs remaining in stock:

cotton wool 1/2 roll, first aid plaster 15 pcs, dextrose 50% 1 bottles, dextrose 5% 3 bottles, dispensable gloves 60 pairs, gauze 5 packets, zinc 80 tabs, plaster 1 roll, coartem(1x24)12 doses, coartem(1x12) 30 doses, mebendazole 60 tabs , multivitamin 10 tabs,100 tabs, stripe bandage 2 rolls, magnesium 50 tabs, Clotrimazole 7 tubes, Oral rehydration salts 3 Sackets, paracetamol 60 tabs, vitamin k injection 6 boxes, ampicilin 40 tabs, vitamin c 34 tabs , piriton 100 tabs , Anti malaria testing strips 15 pieces.

The drugs currently in stock at the lab will provide start ups for the next term where still we shall add some missing drugs when we shop for the next academic year.

Pellissier Science Laboratory reopening date:

The laboratory reopens on 22th February 2016 when the school will be reopening for Term One which marks the beginning of the 2016 Academic year.

On behalf of the Pellisier Science Laboratory, I thank BOB PELLISSIER for supporting this laboratory and availing to me a monthly salary and ensuring the clinic is fully stocked. I also thank Bwambale Robert for regularly ensuring that everything in regard to the lab and the general school environment at KHPS is fine.

Am also thankful for the salary you have been extending to me monthly since the laboratory was opened and look forward to serving our children at the Kasese Humanist Schools.

I however do apologize for having missed meeting you when you recently visited the Pellissier Science Laboratory in November, this was due to some unavoidable circumstances but in spite of this I remain committed to serving the children in 2016 if school authorities still like my service.

All in all, am so thankful when I was notified by the school Director of your 2016 injection of more funds to keep the lab functional.

More information in regard to events at the Pellissier Science Laboratory as they unfold are available online at the school face book page

Yours in service,

Rujumba Maate Lamech

KHPS – PSL Lab technician

Witnessed & Approved by: Bwambale Robert Musubaho (School Director – Kasese Humanist Primary School)


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