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Party in Buhanga! Two New Classrooms and One-Year Anniversary of Future Path Classroom

Posted: Thu, November 30, 2017 | By: Buhanga

by Masereka Sebastian


Yesterday 29/11/2017 the party for opening the Albany and Australia Classrooms and to remember the one year of Future Path classroom at Mother Givers Humanist School in Kyarumba Buhanga was done.

Thank you Meredith, Kerry Mills and Cameron for building these Classes in 2016 and 2017.

The party involved training Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group members about personal and house hold hygiene; Women liked this training very much. Most women learned that they were taking things for granted.

They were trained by Gabriel Maate a healthy worker at Kyarumba Primary Health Care. Women learned about various things which include:

The importance of daily bathing, washing face, cleaning hands, food and clothes.

How to dispose wastes including peelings and feaces among others.

How to reduce flies, bed burgs, lice, mosquitoes (biting parasites)

Gabriel explained about the above topics very well and here are the main points that women leant:

Daily bathing is important to remain fresh, remove sweat, open body holes and avoid poor smell.

And that it is a responsibility of parents to bathe children daily. Children up to 12 years may not bathe themselves properly.

The dirtiest part of the body is the hands because we need hands when eating and it touches anything, so it is important to wash hands every time.

It is very important to wash fresh food before eating them. Eg. it is not good to pick mangoes, passion fruits, avocadoes, bananas, sugar canes, jack fruits from the garden or market place and eat them before washing them, it may cause diarrheal diseases like cholera and dysentery or stomach pains etc.

Clothes are supposed to be cleaned routinely and cooking food while wearing clean clothes and hair covered by a clean cloth. Also washing clothes and beddings prevents parasites like lice, flea and bedbugs which are all biting insects that can lead to loss of blood leading to anemia in children and pregnant mothers.

Always sleep under mosquito nets to prevent mosquito bites and malaria fever infection. And parents should always wake up at night to check if children are covered well under mosquito nets.

The women learned that the kitchen peelings are supposed to be kept in one place called rubbish pit where they can be left to decompose to make manure.

Children feaces can also cause cholera; children should be restricted from defecate in house verandas where flies can pick some feaces and cause harm to people in that house.

Gabriel explained that there are “stool pots” in the market where children who cannot seat on latrines can defecate and then it is disposed in latrines.

No house hold in Buhanga has a stool pot for their children, all young children who cannot seat on latrines use verandas where if an old person doesn’t see the feaces in time the feaces may last there for many days.

To reduce flies and associated risks:

Need to sweep houses daily

Dispose rubbish in a pit and have a latrine and well covered

Dispose children feaces in latrines and have children use stool pots and not to defecate in verandas

To reduce bed bugs:

Wash beddings and Painting walls and beds routinely

Spraying beds with paraffin, hot water and hand squeezing.

To reduce Lice:

Always Wash beddings, body, under wears, care for hairs and avoid sleeping in the same rooms or houses with animals.

To reduce Mosquito bites:

Clearing bush around homes, sleeping under mosquito nets, flatten water logging areas around homes and avoid containers with stagnant water around homes.


There was music the whole day, children sang and danced.

Children exercised their talents and they were happy to dance with some of their parents and children out of school.


Both the students the Buhanga Women,the builders who built the Albany, Future Path Class and the Austraia classes enjoyed the food whichincluded Rice, goats’ meat, cabbages and avocadoes.

Cakes were sliced at the door way towards each class. Every child and woman at least took a bite on the cakes.

Thank you Buhanga Friends Australia, the life enjoyed yesterday will motivate the children to remain in school and will motivate the school dropouts to join school.

The women were very happy to enjoy food with the pupils, teachers and non school children and the builders.

The training about good personal and househols cleanliness will help the women improve on their living conditions and will always refer to this training.

Long live Buhanga Friends Australia, said the children and Buhang Ladies


Masereka Sebastian


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