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Our Kahendero Project Will Start Soon

Posted: Wed, February 03, 2016 | By: Kahendero

​by Bwambale Robert

In the year 2003, I bought land in Kahendero, one of the active fishing villages on Lake George. What interested me most was its proximity to the lake and the fact that it bordered with Queen Elizabeth National Park. Its a stretch of land measuring some 2.5 acres, fully leveled naturally.

I had a vision of putting there something that can be helpful to locals, first I thought of a school, clinic, safari lodge or some buildings to offer accommodation to the locals. One of the limiting factors to my vision, I had limited funds to develop and all along it has been idle, vacant and innocent for all these years.

I kept on showing this land to all my friends whom I could come across. Of recent my vision seems to have materialized as myself together with the Brighter Brains Institute are currently developing this place for a Nursery School to be named Bizoha Nursery School # 2 - Kahendero.

We have been lucky enough that we have managed to get sponsors for Baby Class & Middle Class (Dr. Bruce Chou and J Mossholder). We still require Top class to make a complete nursery school.

Also we have also got a generous donor who feels that Kahendero Children or community should have access to medical care and we are going to put in place a clinic to be named Jane Shrimpton Clinic.

Construction on this vacant property commences in March this year, right now plans are underway to ferry some of the vital building materials to this site.

Attached to this message is a glimpse at the pictures of our Kahendero Property and its neighborhoods.

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