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Orphans at Mother Givers Humanist School in Buhanga - need Sponsors - $100 per year

Posted: Thu, May 19, 2016 | By: Buhanga

​Mother Givers Humanist School is located in Buhanga, an isolated, off-road village in the Ruwenzori foothills of western Uganda.

Brighter Brains Institute is helping them in 2016 - we are building them a new classroom (paid for by Meredith Newman Debens), we brought in fresh water from 3 miles uphill (donated by Darren Muise), we got them a rainwater catchment tank (paid for by Reddit R. Atheism), and we provided books for them via Scholastic Books, we set up a clinic for them (provided by Bob Pellissier), and Davida LeComte is providing all the school children with free lunches for one school term - corn meal, tomatoes, onions, and even goat and chicken meat.

Our next plan is to find sponsors for the 13 orphans at Mother Givers Humanist School. These are children who have tragically lost a parent, and are left with difficult hardships. Your donation will provide them with school uniform, supplies, books, tuition, clinic assistance, and daily lunch meal.

To donate, just go to the Home Page of and click on the DONATE button on the right hand side. Be sure to leave $100 and a note explaining which child you want to sponsor. Thanks for your kindness!

All donors receive 1) two free ebooks, 2) a photo of the sponsored child holding a Thank You note 3) tax deductible receipt 4) t-shirt saying “I Sponsored an Orphan at Mother Givers Humanist School, Buhunga - Uganda

Kabugo Alice - Mama Died in Fire (Alice is also a burn victim)
Kabugo Alice - Mama Died in Fire (Alice is also a burn victim)

Biira Fumera - Mama died of Malaria
Biira Fumera - Mama died of Malaria
Biira Oliva -- Mama Died "Burning in House"
Biira Oliva—Mama Died “Burning in House”
Ithungu MacIline -- Daddy Died of Typhoid Fever
Ithungu MacIline—Daddy Died of Typhoid Fever
Kabugho Alice -- Mama Died "Burning in House"
Kabugho Alice—Mama Died “Burning in House”
Kabugho Eliza -- Daddy Died of Malaria Fever
Kabugho Eliza—Daddy Died of Malaria Fever
Kuule Kened -- Mama Died of Snake Bite
Kuule Kened—Mama Died of Snake Bite
Muhindo Bright -- Mama Died of Malaria Fever
Muhindo Bright—Mama Died of Malaria Fever
Muhindo Zelefa -- Mama Died of HIV/AIDS
Muhindo Zelefa—Mama Died of HIV/AIDS
Mumbere Joel -- Daddy Died of Hepatitis B
Mumbere Joel—Daddy Died of Hepatitis B
Nzyabake Scovia -- Daddy Murdered in May 2016
Nzyabake Scovia—Daddy Murdered in May 2016
Thembo Patrick -- Mama Died of HIV/AIDS
Thembo Patrick—Mama Died of HIV/AIDS
Muhindo Godwin --
Muhindo Godwin—


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