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Open for Business! - “Pellissier Kanyenze Motorcycle Repair Garage”

Posted: Sun, November 27, 2016 | By: Kanyenze Humanist School

Bob Pellissier - one of the primary donors to Brighter Brains Institute - has given Kanyenze Primary School $3,000 to open a business. Funds from the enterprize will be spent feeding the children at Kanyenze Primary School.

The business is a motorcycle repair shop, located in Kyarumba Trading Center. The shop can fix all the numerous motorcycles (called “boda-bodas”) in the region. It is the only motorcycle repair shop in Kyarumba - no competition!

BBI hopes the business will prosper.

Bob Pellissier is an avid motorcyclist, who plans to ride around the Ruwenzori mountains next time he visits.


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