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Nursery School Construction - January 17, 2016

Posted: Tue, January 19, 2016 | By: BiZoHa Orphanage Humanist School

by Bwambale Robert

My carpenter has begun the work of painting the nursery class sits so far made with different colors aimed to motivate kids to love their class and school as well. More chairs are being made depending on funds availability.

The 4 stance pit latrine is at half level and works on it will resume soon, works on chalkboards commence tomorrow, we are looking at making chalkboards in all the classrooms already in place at BIZOHA.

The Nursery School buildings were donated by Dr. Bruce Chou, Pegasystems, and Davida LeComte.

Painting and glassing works on the nursery block commences soon, some hollow bricks commonly referred to as Pompe have been fixed by one of the mason and they have added some beauty to the structures.

All in all, am so thankful to all generous donors helping out BIZOHA in its journey of putting in place a school that is going to offer quality, balanced education free from dogma and indoctrination of any kind, we target at generating children who can think for themselves, not those who are told what to think. We cherish seeing our children come up with creative, innovative, passionate and curious minds which will drive them realize their potential as humanity.

The school opens its doors to the general public on 22nd February 2016, its a nursery & primary school, day and boarding

Vocational lessons, music dance and drama lessons will be conducted at the campus.

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Attached are some of the images of ongoing works.


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