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Nigerian Muslims and Atheists Debate Evolution

Posted: Wed, April 19, 2017 | By: Nigeria

(the thread below is from the Facebook page of Mubarak Bala - an advisor to Brighter Brains Institute)

Mubarak Bala Public Announcement: An excellently monumental milestone, about to be achieved, by humanism in Nigeria, keep abreast, keep ears open. For humans, against bully gods and mythology.

Mustapha Kabir Kutawa Mkk That time when you will die, you will clearly know the difference

Bello Kabir Kehinde Yawns.

Vahyala Kwaga Who are these people?

Enoch Iddriss LOL

Saleh Kundak We are waitin to c them

Mohammed Ness yes we need humanism to deliver us from dark clouds of religion and dont need to kill,maim,rape or sacrifice to the figment of mankind’s ur eyes and separate the truth from illusion

Kenny Ronbi That would be great to see jehovah, jesus, and allah trivialized in Nigeria

Ayo Oged I’m all ears, Mubarak.

Okekweru Okafor Boyqueen We must destroy religion. Islam and Christianity must go down

Okekweru Okafor Boyqueen Africa can only start they journey for greatness once they give up religion that have blinded us and cause so much self hate among black race..

Saleh Kundak God forbid to abodon my religion #ISLAM4LIFE

Dahiru Adamu Keep on wallowing in your fallacies and struggle hard in chasing mirage. Anyway, the people who hold the belief that they were originally monkeys can spew out all sorts of monkish words. Denial the existence of your creator is tantamount to denial of your existence as a being. Period!

Idris Abdulla Is very good to see people like this who can not prove their humanity scientifically but I think any time they show me or prove the following I will accept u! 1.if u show me any animal that is changing from one animal to a life animals. show me your sense 3.To tell me in which country that the evolution State where is the first man

Okekweru Okafor Boyqueen I don’t know and can’t proof any of the above mentioned logically, base on the fact that it’s beyond human. So Mr Idris if you think you know, close that ur foreign imported holy book and prove all that you ask. If you can’t then shut up and stop using another person opinion as Ur own answer… Idris can you show me fear

Idris Abdulla Mr Okekweru Okafor Boyqueen pls do u know Charles Delwi theory of fossils. If yes today biochemical research has already disprove the theory u better change to ur lord… U can not show us any of the above and u believe they existed then God is beyond your power of your iris vision… Fear is a biochemical reaction that take place in vitro where adrenaline is release to send to the brain due to any action

Okekweru Okafor Boyqueen Idris Abdulla so in conclude fear only exist in our body not in reality.. In my own opinion, fear is something we created within our mind, it does not exist. Same goes to God, since there’s no evidence to prove God existence in reality I here by Declare its mind creation not that it exist.. We create God in our mind same way we create fear… Those imported books from Europe and Arab that u guys read as holy book is just some one else opinion in this same argument about the possibility of God. As a nonconformist I rejected the opinion of Bible and Quran… So to make it easy for both of us. Am a freethinker, so all you need to do is to convince me with a reliable evidence of God aside from those imported books

Dahiru Adamu Well spoken! Idriss

Okekweru Okafor Boyqueen Dahiru Adamu what do you understand about what Idris write

Idris Abdulla I told you what triggers fear… It does not locate in our minds… Pls study life science… Who is the first man in the world? Okekweru Okafor Boyqueen answer me

Okekweru Okafor Boyqueen Fear do come in different form bro. Even without action taking place you can still develop fear base on the things someone told you. You can also get rid of fear at same moment you develop it, that is what made it things of the mind. Fear does not exist… Though as a thinker you have the right to disagree with me…

Idris Abdulla We believe that God created us and Atheists Believed they were originated from Monkey therefore their grands parents are monkeys there brains tissue is from monkey brain logically All Atheist are minkeys

Okekweru Okafor Boyqueen Am not an atheist so I will not be defending atheist logic here, I can only defend my own word and also challenge urs if I see the need… Mr Idris Abdulla pls which of the Gods created us

Idris Abdulla The mighty God… Who created heaven and earth… Who do everything… Who created eve and Adam

Okekweru Okafor Boyqueen In a case where I don’t believe ur claim, how can you prove it

Idris Abdulla U believe u have a grands parents and that ur grandparents have greet Grandsparents therefor this the chain of my grandma and great grandfather Adam and eve

Mohammed Ness but how do u prove that adam and eve really existed,how do you prove the evolution of different races after all if we are all descended from adam and eve which race were they,how do you explain how the world came to be populated nd why did god favor the arabs and jews with more prophets than the rest of humanity

Rabiu Abdulsalam The theory of evolution didn’t say humans are from monkeys, but it suggests we share thesame ancestors with monkeys called ‘primates’. Okey!!

Idris Abdulla Let me start with Mohammed nass !they exists bcs all of the sending prophet all come from one generation with one family back ground… Can’t u see the earth surface How u planted different plant in the same earth with one water but u haven’t different types of harvest with different colors.

Mohammed Ness idris abdullah,and why did ur god choose to send prophets from only one family at the expense of the others,nd did he send any of these prophets to negroid race,sounds like an unjust god to me,why was his main area of focus the middle east? if you really are a believer then i guess you are blind to the fact that racism began with ur scriptures and that ur race is inferior according to god otherwise why the absence of negro prophet

Mahmood Namallam When u ask them who or what is the originator? Who did this or that? They reply u with nature. Well ask them before nature and time came to existence, what did happen? Who or what is in charge? These are logical questions that can’t be answered, if they throw u with the theory of substances and chain reactions? Ask them what happen before that. No answers and no proofs from either the atheist, freethinkers and the so called fake humanist. At a point I wonder, monkeys actually evolved to humans? Then why the fuck the rest of them didn’t? Did nature forgot about them or did they defy the odds against natures bully push to evolve everything and everyone? … Some things are just way beyond logic and the grasp of ur frail human minds. Damn right monkeys are stupid and so are those people that evolved from them, but for me, the right idea from inception is human and will always be.

Maime Rodriguez I’m glad you are asking questions, but please apply the same lines of questioning to the idea of a god and you will arrive at the same conclusion except if you look at the reality of how nature really works. Absolutely everything is the result of more than one force. Nothing is controlled by just one force. We need time, space, energy, etc to exist. If you do not have these, you do not exist. We don’t know if “before that” and “before that” are the right questions to be asking, but rather, “is it possible there was a ‘before that’’”. From there we form logical conclusions. It is illogical to think an unobserved power for which we have no evidence for now existed then either. Without proof, you cannot claim the unproven with the unproven. We have lots of evidence to suggest a big bang and much more to suggest evolution, from observation to fossils to DNA, etc. For gods? Absolutely nothing.

Rabiu Abdulsalam Mahmood Namallam. Please nobody says humans evolve from monkeys, we only share the same ancestors with them, millions of years ago ‘homohabilis’ are different with humans. Both humans and monkeys evolve from primates but are not the same with monkeys…. And nobody knows what was before nature and time, all we can say for now is nothing, and that doesn’t mean we will never know the answer just because we don’t know it now.

Idris Abdulla Atheists are monkeys origin

Rabiu Abdulsalam What you people meant was that we directly evolve from monkeys, which is not true.

Idris Abdulla We believe Allah created us

Rabiu Abdulsalam Every human evolve from living organisms, not created by Allah… You can only believe that Allah created you, but it is not true.

Idris Abdulla Allah Creation of human is on 3 types… Without father and mother like Adam… With only father Eve bcs she was created from his Ribs

Jesus AS was created from his Mother Marry and last creation is with father and mither

Rabiu Abdulsalam How can a sixth century God create you, that is not possible.

Mahmood Namallam U see ur problems are u claim to know much without knowing nothing, what are ancestors both literally and the not so literal? Talking about primates… Aren’t gorillas and chimpanzees primates? Where they also forgotten or they willfully resist bullish way of nature to evolve them to humans? With that said also primates are stupid and so also the people that evolved from them. Ur argument hold no water and lacks weight but then I remember who ur ancestors are..

Rabiu Abdulsalam Did Allah gave the procedures on how he created humans that way. Without father or mother and do it just instantly.

Idris Abdulla Yes he gave… Check human elements in the body u seen many

Rabiu Abdulsalam What was the process, is it experimentally or observationally comprehensible… You see religions have little knowledge about creation, they are always claiming to be perfect but they end up standing on the shoulders of science. When the quran was written it was stricly written base on the idea that the earth is flat and now they forge everything, by saying that it was wrongly explained. They claim about seven skys and now it is wrong… The quran claim that time absolute, and now we know that is it wrong. The quran claim that the moon is a holy or divine place, but now we know that it is just a scarce of the cosmic impact… The quran claim that time absolute, and now we know that is it wrong. The quran claim that the moon is a holy or divine place, but now we know that it is just a scarce of the cosmic impact… Again evolution is real, your religions claim that creatures are in this world for mere thousands of years, but evolution have enable us to discorver that creatures are on this earth for millions of years… The quran is an Arabian literature, written by the sixth century arabian desert explorers. By believing in it, will surely make you dumb.

Mahmood Namallam Rabiu. I suggest u stay put on ur scientific lane as u portray to be so ignorant about about religion. I believe in Allah, his messenger and the holy book, and am also a science student with majors in ICT networks and cyber security. Nothing can be said about sciences that I don’t have a glimpse of an idea about it. So I can very much comprehend more from all perspectives without conflict. That’s very much difficult or rather impossible to do cos u are so biasedly one sided. Open ur mind and get out of ur cage, seek knowledge and be good at it, then come back for some chat which I still believe am gonna get u KOed.

Rabiu Abdulsalam You are not a science student because you didn’t open you mind to study it, people of your kind study science to pass exams and gain employment, because you know the quran have failed you, the quran is not able to contribute anything to our current stage of development, so pls how do you think it is perfect and unalterable.

Mahmood Namallam That’s a bold claim to say am not a science student, so u now set standards and criteria to make one or not? For ur information am self employed with investments in education, pharmaceuticals and farming. Never had the need to be employed. Trust me I evolved that much beyond ur comprehension of evolution. My religion sets standards in all aspects of my life and I try as much as I could to follow them, and guess what? They never failed me.

Idris Abdulla Rabiu pls stop laying to Quran stop saying things that are not writing in the Quran… I’m scientist I will cut all the verses about moon about earth… I m invigilating Ietter I will provide all of the verses

Rabiu Abdulsalam Just prove it, if the quran is saying the truth or not, go and invigilate that 6th century perfect written book, and lets see what it got… Mahmood Namallam. I am absolutely sure that your religious standards have being failing you, whenever you read it, except that you don’t investigate enough to realise the silly failure, but i will advice you to think deeply and investigate, you will clearly find out your self…. About 90% of the quranic theories are lies, it experimental recommendations are incomprehensible, it sayings are comical and it scientific discoveries are literal imagination…. I will like you peoples to just answer me this simple question….................what do you understand from the quran that makes it the most perfect?

Mahmood Namallam Rabiu when u came to absolute conclusion that my religious standards have failed me without even know what standard am on voids every reason for me to engage u in meaningful conversations. If life simply dealt u with unfortunate cards doesn’t mean we all have it that bad. U do the research, u need it most. Am perfectly OK with who and what i am and am excited being a religious person.


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