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Ngabirwe Phiona presents a lecture on Humanism & Feminism at Garama Secondary School

Posted: Tue, July 04, 2017 | By: Humanism

It was a great first day at teaching humanism and feminism, at Garama Secondary Humanist School, in Kisinga Town, Kasese district for the first lesson I was assigned.

A warm welcome by the Head Teacher Mr Moses and Miss Cathy who introduced me to the entire school community.

I was given the floor for my lesson and all students were eager to know more about HUMANISM. I explained using questions shown on a chart attached. Students were eagerly attentive.

I explained to them that being a humanist is a life style with positive ideas and this helped most students realise that they have been humanists unknowingly.

A question was posed whether we can live without being religious. It was debated. Students realized with humanism they can live better with others.

AFTER EXPLANATIONS ON HUMANISM, I led another session on girls’ child education where the following topics were talked about:

  • girl child and road to her good future
  • why some African girls can not achieve their future dreams
  • early forced marriages
  • early pregnancies
  • sex harassments
  • rape
  • school dropouts
  • orced labour
  • abuse
  • intimidations

I encouraged girls to develop skills like self awareness, self esteem, correct decision making, critical thinking, self respect etc.

Questions were welcomed. I answered them accordingly. Request was posed that I go back for more lessons and I will do it.

The session took four hours. The next lecture will be at Nyakiyumbu Center.


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