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Ngabirwe Phiona teaches Humanism and Feminism at Nyakiyumbu

Posted: Thu, August 03, 2017 | By: Humanism

by Ngabirwe Phiona

I take this opportunity to report to you that it was a good day at Nyakiyumbu orphanage yesterday 2/8/2017.

I was warmly welcomed by a staff member called Mr. Maathe.

I began my lesson about humanism.I explained key terms that is human, humanism, humanist, feminist etc.

All the pupils and teachers where carefully attentive because they all wanted to under stand humanism and feminism since some were ignorant about it.

I took my time to explain to them and they all came to understand that being a humanist is not bad.

I allowed them to ask questions about my lesson which I answered and they all became satisfied.

I also taught about a girl child.
Where I asked them a question :who is a girl?

I answered the question as follows:

a girl is like any other child
a girl is a precious human
a girl is gift that every parent should embrace
a girl is a future nation
a girl is a delicate asset.she should be protected.

What do girls need to do in order to be valuable:

to work hard
to be patient
to be ficcused
to be respectful
to set a goal and others.

I ended the lesson telling girls to be proud of them selves and respect them selves.

It was a colourful day.they requested me to go back.

The following are some photos attached.

Thank you.


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