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Ngabirwe Phiona lectures at Kanyenze and Nyakiyumbu

Posted: Sat, September 23, 2017 | By: Humanism

​by Ngabirwe Phiona

I wish to inform BBI that yesterday I conducted two lessons, one at Kanyenze orphanage school.

This was the first humanism lesson at this school.
I was welcomed by the headteacher who accompanied me to tour the school and checking the BBI projects.
And I realised they are in place like solar system, orphanage hostel especially.

Teachers organized the pupils and this called for the beginning of my lesson.

Being the first lesson at this school, I started by defining what HUMANISM and FEMINISM mean.

I explained who is a feminist and who is a humanist.

Pupils had no enough knowledge about the two but at last they realized the boys are already humanist and girls are are already feminists.

They appreciated my explanations on the above two terms.

A two and a half lesson continued with explanations about a girl child.

I explained who is a girl.
I taught them how a girl is an important child to the parents and to the country.
I taught them how to remain in schools and study highly.

I shared with them the challenges they face and girls and how to cope with them.

I realized that noyd also face many challenges.therefore uuuuu my lessons Io consider also boys too.

We discussed the life skills which can help the to solve their challenges.

The next lesson will be about principles of grobal rational world.


I was welcomed well.

I revied the previous lesson about humanism and feminism through the oral questions.

I taught about ten principles of grobal rational world.

I gave them and explained each.

That is


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